Thursday, August 19, 2010

Annoying Pixies

It's Thirsty Thursday everyone! Okay, YOU give me a better adjective that starts with a "Th".

In Roach, Missouri, the weather is a sunny 88 degrees today with 99% humidity (ouch). Someone please tell me why, in the name of all that is holy, did they name their city Roach? Does anyone even like roaches? Roaches are evil. They are vile. And I'm fairly certain if Adam and Even hadn't eaten the forbidden fruit, we wouldn't have roaches today. You can't convince me that they had roaches crawling around the Garden of Eden. Nope. *shudder*

Moving on to something much more pleasant, traffic on the 405 is bumper to bumper and I can't possibly think of any tie-in to roaches or I will vomit. #agentsofsatan #extremephobia

Brittany Murphy's mom is 'disturbed' about the LA Coroner's report that revealed she and Brittany's creepy husband were sharing a bed after Brittany's death.

Source: TMZ

No worries, Sharon. You're in good company because we're just as disturbed as you are.

In reality STD laden non-celebrity news, a D.A. for the drunk and disorderly case of Snooki has charged her with being 'Criminally Annoying', which is a real crime in New Jersey.


Someone give that D.A. an award, or a raise or something. Actually if you can get charged with "annoying the public" in New Jersey, why don't they arrest the entire cast of 'Jersey Shore'?

Hey! Who kidnapped Hermione and swapped her for Sinead O'Conner?


Okay, okay, she does actually look very cute in a little boyish sort of way. But just nothing like the Emma we've come to know and love.

Men, would you like to buy your lady a carat ring but can't afford it? Morally opposed to buying a diamond? How about a seedling instead?

Source: ringoblog

This also would work for the environmental crazies who are obsessed with finding every possible sustainable item known to man. (I'm referring to my brother and his wife, who I'm pretty sure don't read this blog anyway and if so, hello brother!) I'm perfectly content knowing my brother's carbon footprint is balancing out mine.

Hey, WTF!!

Source: pictureisunrelated

Now why didn't I think of this?!! I can't wait to order one and whip it out of my purse next time I'm at a restaurant. I hope it comes in purple.

And that's all the time I have for today. I'll meet you back here same bat time, same bat place. In the meantime, here's something to brighten your day...

Venezuelans pay only 6 cents for a gallon of gasoline.

-OMG Facts

Suddenly living under a dictatorship doesn't look so bad.



  1. Thrifty? Throaty? Thorough? Oh there are TH's galore ... and I have been to Roach Missouri ... the name makes it sound more glamorous than it actually is

  2. Deidre, Ooooh great "Th" words! You've actually been to that town? Crazy!

  3. I think that after I move to Venezuela and save thousands of dollars on gas, I'm going to buy one of those head aprons in every color and find ways to market them to men,women and children around the world. Isn't that one of those things that keeps the soap out of your kids eyes when you wash their hair? Oh, and I'm changing my previous comment, when I grow up, I want to be Hermione Granger because Emma looks absolutely beautiful in her cute little pixie cut.

  4. Yes, it's a multi-tasker! Keeps hair out of your food, keeps shampoo out of your kids eyes... and if you get stitches, just put that bad boy around your neck and it will keep you from pulling them out!

  5. When I saw that head thing my first thought was "Oh shit, she got her head stuck in a toilet seat!" Lol. I like Emma with her long hair, way prettier.

  6. 2 things...

    1, bet you wish you had that face hula hoop thingy back when you had too much champagne, huh? now that's what that would be good for.

    2, did Emma get dropped from her Burberry contract after chopping off that hair and now that's why she's going to a fair-trade label? does short cut = do-gooder now?(we don't say the "P" word in our house...girls run screaming)

    ah, well, she's still cute. and has an awesome name. (so what if my daughter has the same one?)

  7. OMG Christine, that hair guard would've been much appreciated the morning after I had too much champagne. LMAO at why you don't say the "P" word at your house. Love the name Emma too!

    I agree with you Lisa. She looks much better with the long hair.

  8. 5 kids in my family, 4 of us girls. At some point, each one of us has had the P hairstyle and hated it. I had short hair until probably 5th grade...and never again since. I can't really blame my mom, with that many kids, who wants to mess with all that hair? However, it was completely unnecessary for her to cut our bangs herself...using tape to make a (not)straight line...on the top half and ripping it off after. #torture