Thursday, July 22, 2010

Vampires and Moonbeams

Happy Thursday everyone! How is your Thursday so far? Really? That good? Yes, of course I can hear you.

The weather in Pee Pee Township, Ohio (again with Ohio) is 89 degrees with scattered showers today. Really? Showers in Pee Pee Township? You don't say. Are they golden showers? Oh no, I didn't just say that. *hangs head*

Traffic on the 405 is bumper to bumper, but you need not worry about any showers during your morning commute, golden or otherwise unless you happen to be on the 405 in the months of December through February.

Earlier this week, the manager of an Idaho Thrift Store was doing work offsite while a volunteer at the thrift store sold the manager's laptop to a customer for $5. Yep that's right. Because she thought the price for a computer with no added software was supposed to go for $5. You know, it's times like these when you wish you could kick people in the shins merely for being stupid. Kind of like the other day when Naartjie (my fav kids clothing store) was having this huge sale, and I searched through all the racks, getting tons of clothes for my daughter after searching for her sizes through tons of clothes. One sales lady saw the huge pile of clothing and asked if she could put it aside behind the counter for me. About 20 minutes later when I was ready to pay, I was informed by the other sales lady that she had accidentally returned all the clothing to the racks as soon as they were placed behind the counter. *shaking in a rage* Ok, that's not quite the same as someone selling your laptop for $5. But I certainly wanted to kick the saleslady in the shin.

Source: apnews

Thankfully the laptop story had a happy ending. After news programs picked up the story, the wife of the man who bought the laptop saw the news and informed him of the mistake. He returned the laptop to the Thrift Store manager and refused to claim the award that was offered. As for my little Naartjie fiasco, the saleslady couldn't find all the clothes she put back, and some of the outfits didn't have more of my daughter's size, so I ended up not getting everything I had picked out. *virtual shin kick to stupid saleslady* There. I feel better now.

Only in America can a criminal be made into a celebrity and given their own reality TV show. Like that chick Alexis Neiers, who was part of a ring of thieves that broke into celebrity houses and stole millions of dollars worth of stuff. She got her own show on E called "Pretty Wild". She's not filming at the moment because she's in jail. In the cell right next door to Lindsay Lohan. Lindsay Lohan happens to be one of the celebrities she and her gang stole from.

Source: popeater

That, my friends, is what you call ironical. Lindsay, heads up. If you're toilet paper goes missing, you might want to check the cell right next to yours. #JustSaying

How do you guys feel about Twilight? Love it? Hate it? A little bit of both? Well the ultimate Twilight spoof is coming to you as a real movie called "Vampires Suck", due to be released on August 18, 2010.

This, my friends, is so full of win.

Vampires Suck Trailer

In other celebrity news, Jackie Chan (my new obsession) and Jaden Smith are continuing to travel the world for Karate Kid Premieres. Here they are in Germany last week.

Source: dlisted

Jaden Smith's fro is awesomesauce. I wish my ginger hair could do that. Then instead of Gingersnaps, this blog would be Gingerfro. Maybe I could even make a living, charging people who want to touch it. Cause you know they'd want to.

Hey, WTF??!

Source: pictureisunrelated

Well, that's one way to force yourself to stop sucking your thumb. Of course, I hear hot sauce works too.

And that's all the time I have for today. Before I leave, I have one thing left to tell you...

In the 1950s, the United States planned to drop a nuclear bomb on the moon.

At the time, the US was lagging behind the Soviet Union in the space race (For example, they sent a man into space before the US did.) Exploding a nuclear weapon on the moon was a way to one-up the Soviet Union. They planned on nuking the moon as a PR stunt, and they wanted to make sure the explosion could be seen from Earth!

This was part of a top-secret Air Force project, "Project A119" which was called "A Study of Lunar Research Flights". Details of the 1958 plan were made public in 2000 by Dr. Leonard Reiffel, the physicist who ran the project.

-OMG Facts

Probably good thing for all the surfers, and moon enthusiasts out there that they didn't go through with it. Oh yeah, Russia? We'll show you how awesome we are... we'll blow up the moon!



  1. Oh, gees, peeing in my pants from laughing so hard at the Vampires Suck promo. Can't wait to see THAT!

  2. The Vampire Suck trailer looks kind of awesome...but I'm always skeptical of spoofs...I'll probably wait for it to hit cable.

    Your story about the store is super annoying...well, not your story, your story is just fine, well-detailed, and the like :) But the situation in the story is just sucky.

  3. Vampires Suck looks super funny and that trailer was awesome. Im all for

  4. Steeleholtingon, I'm thinking the Vampires Suck movie will be almost as fun as live #drunktweeting the original Twilight movie.

    Thank you Picksee for clarifying that it was not my story-telling that was super annoying. Whew!

    Thanks Lisa. Gingerfro Rules!

  5. Everyone most definitely would want to touch the GingerFro ! ! Because, "It's SO FLUFFY !!!" Could make a pretty good chunk-a-change.