Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Spiked Apples

And it's Hump Day once again, my little snaps. You're half-way to the weekend. *cue cheering*

The weather in Pissy, France is a partly cloudy 75 degrees. I'm thinking Pissy is a large town, for I would venture to guess that every single Frenchman was born in Pissy. Unless of course you happen to read this blog. Then you would be the exception. Traffic on the 405 is bumper to bumper, but that beats sharing your commute with a Frenchmen. Though we do have the French to thank for French Fries, French Kissing, French bread and of course the Croissanwich.

In the news, an intruder broke into a woman's home, but she was able to fight him off with a railroad spike. Not necessarily a my first choice of a home protection weapon, but it seemed to do the trick. Police followed the trail of blood to the suspect's apartment and arrested him.

Source: apnews

So if you are morally opposed to owning a gun (weirdo), you may want to consider owning a railroad spike. It might just save your life. Isn't that how Spike got his name?

If you think I mentioned that just so I could show picture of Spike, you would be correct.

Moving on... Nicole Kidman and her husband Keith Urban went to see "Salt" on Monday and then out to dinner at the Mexican restaurant right next to the theater. How do I know where the restaurant is? Because that's the SAME THEATER WE ALWAYS GO TO. Yep. In fact, just two days earlier Mr. G and I were there, also watching "Salt". Hey, it's a good theater with reserved seating. Who could blame them for wanting to go there?

Source: JustJared

In other news, Jensen Ankles is eating an apple. He and Jared Padalock are back at work, filming the 6th season of Supernatural, which starts airing on Friday, September 24th at 9PM ET/PT.

Source: JustJared

That's right, Gingersnaps is the place to bring you breaking celebrity news, like when stars visit my movie theater or are caught eating apples. Riveting stuff people.

Today's WTF special feature is brought to you by the Annual Harley Gathering in New York. Motorcyclists these days are doctors and lawyers (or so everyone tells us) and have fought to be a more respectable group of people. No where is this more evident than at the Annual Harley Gathtering.

Source: CityRag

And those were the "Safe For Work" (somewhat) pictures. Looks like it's the happening place to be if you have a sudden urge to flaunt your belly rolls. Watch out for my belly rolls....

And that's all the time I have for today. Be kind to those who hurt you, because in doing so, Proverbs 25:22 says you will heap burning coals on their heads. And that's probably better than any revenge you can come up with on your own. And if that doesn't work, you can always encourage them to get a job at a fast food restaurant.

In 1998, more fast food employees were murdered than police officers.

-OMG Facts


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  1. Jensen Ackles is so HOT. I love Supernatural, one of my favorite shows. And wow, biker babes are so not babes. Things that make you *shudder* at