Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Spies Like Us

Like I said, I go away and come back, and I get a bunch of comments. I'm one of those Pavlovian dogs with the bell. I blog when the bell rings. I have no idea what that means.

In Devil's Elbow, Missouri, it's a partly cloudy 84 degrees with 90% humidity today. I'm not sure if that's hotter or colder than any other part of the Devil, but regardless it seems unpleasant. Traffic on the 405 is bumper to bumper so while you're stuck in the daily commute, crank up the A/C in your car and thank God you're not at Devil's Elbow.

In the news, a Russian is teaching his dog to scuba dive.

Source: apnews

Which reminds me, Mr. G took me on a date last night to see "Knight and Day" (which by the way is a ridiculously fun movie even though I'm not a fan of Tom Cruise in real life. And by fun, I mean "True Lies" fun) and there was a group of Russians sitting next to me in the theater. No I didn't ask if they were Russians, but the number of times I heard "Da" and "Net" from them clued me in. First I was annoyed at how loudly they were speaking to each other in Russian, mostly because if I was going to be subjected to that volume of speaking, I should at least be able to eavesdrop. Secondly, the Russian guy sitting next to me was the noisiest eater & soda drinker on the planet. But that's beside the point. I was not about to say any stereotypes about them attending a movie about a double agent, but when the preview for the movie "Salt" came up, the Russian woman yelled, "SPY!" and they all stopped talking so they could watch the preview. NOT. EVEN. KIDDING. So what does that have to do with a Russian guy teaching his dog to scuba dive? Nothing. *shrugs*

In celebrity news, George Michael has been arrested for smashing his car through a store front.

Source: foxnews

Really, George? Again?? *sigh* What happened to the George Michael that graced the walls (and door) of my childhood bedroom?

Why can't you still be that George? WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY? Where has your Careless Whisper gone? *sobbing* Instead, now we get this:

*blowing my nose, careful to not get snot caught in my new piercing*

In other news, the artist formerly known as The Artist Formerly Known As Prince, announced that computers, digital gadgets and the internet are outdated and over.

Source: popeater

Prince compared the internet to being like MTV, once hip but now outdated. For this first interview in 10 years, Prince did not allow the interviewer to bring a recorder, camera or cellphone into the studio for the interview.

Uh, someone is taking Obama's graduation speech a little too seriously. As for me, STEP AWAY from my iPhone 4 and no one gets hurt.

Hey, WTF!!!


Congratulations to the demon Balthazar who somehow escaped the clutches of Buffy in order to slip out of that tub and lose some weight! (and apparently some genitals) Good for you. But I'll always fondly remember you in your "before" picture.

And that's all the time I have for today. Be good to each other, get away with pranks when you can, and never, ever forget this...

Your hair and fingernails do not keep growing after you die.

It's actually all an illusion. When we die and decay, our flesh dries. Our skin pulls back, away from our hair and nails. Our nails stay the same length, but they appear to grow because the flesh around them (fingers, toes) are actually shrinking.

In funeral homes, they sometimes moisturize the dead bodies to slow down this process.

-OMG Facts



  1. Im pretty sure the devil's shorts are hotter than the elbow... just sayin...

  2. Don't you see people, it's a Ghost Writer. Ginger is NOT back. I dunno what happened but they're trying to fool us! Open your eyes.

    Ok..don't believe me?...consider this...There have been two posts in a row (yesterday and today) and there has been absolutely no mention of Nathan Fillion. And you're going to try and tell me that's Ginger? I don't think so...


  3. LOL Kim Foo!

    GenWar, You make a very good case for a ghost writer writing Gingersnaps instead of Ginger/me. I'll have you know, that while I still love Nathan Fillion, my obsession level with him has dimmed slightly since he NEVER TWEETS HIS PEEPS BACK. *sigh* I even took him out of my bio. *gasp* I still love him. Just don't know that I'm obsessed with him anymore. I need a new obsession. I think I'll pick Jackie Chan.

  4. Knight and Day was super funny! And Tom Cruise kinda freaks me I love your fact of the The best moisturizer to slow that down is the oil/gel stuff you get in the African-American hair section.