Monday, July 19, 2010

Naked Bicycling

Happy Monday marauders! I am back and almost better than ever. My doc sent me home with all kinds of goodies and now the sick isn't winning anymore. Did I mention codeine cough syrup is suuper nifty?

The weather today in No Name, Colorado is a sunny 92 degrees today. Really? They couldn't even give the town a name? So they gave it a name by calling it no name? That makes perfect sense to me. Hey, the traffic on the 405 is bumper to bumper, so you have plenty of time to come up with a new name for No Name. Clearly no one in that town has been able to do so. I have a suggestion. Purple. It's my solution for every problem. Purple, Colorado. Works for me.

Speaking of Colorado, if you are a fan of undressing during Boulder City Council meetings, your days of arguing in your underwear may be coming to an end. The council will vote in September whether or not to turn the proposed indecency ban into law. In April they voted that teens and adults could no longer show their genitals in public, which might throw a wet blanket on the two annual traditions of running or cycling naked through the town.

Source: apnews

It's like the Boulder City Council is trying to take all the fun out of that town. What on earth will the residents ever do for entertainment? Thankfully, topless females are still allowed. So if you live in Boulder and want to garden wearing nothing but a thong & garden gloves... knock yourself out. Assuming you're not too heavy chested to knock other people out. Something to consider. *shrugs*

Hey, maybe you heard about Mel Gibson and his little taped telephone rants. If you haven't heard them, do yourselves a favor and don't. Because no matter how you try, you can't shower yourself on the inside, which is exactly what you will feel like doing after hearing them. I might even need counseling as a result, which I fully plan to get Mr. Gibson to pay for. Anywho, Mel Gibson's ex-wife says she is tired of hearing of Mel Gibson portrayed as a "heartless, abusive monster".

Source: popeater

I would never call Mr. Gibson heartless. Of course he has a heart, or he would be dead. And I'm sure the fact that the former Mrs. Gibson's divorce settlement is still underway and she is expected to get between $300-500 million has nothing to do with her defense of Mel. Hey, I'm sure she deserves every penny. She had 7 kids with the guy. EVERY PENNY.

Hey you guys remember Prince Harry, right? Here he is at the Asprey World Cup in Ewhurst, England Saturday.

Source: dlisted

What's the point? My friends, the point is that all gingers look good in purple. I would've thought that was obvious, but that's just me. That's right. I look good in purple too. And I probably like it more than you do. *wink*

No bother if you didn't get that. Just blame it on the codeine cough syrup.

So the Jersey Herpes Shore cast has gone on strike, refusing to shoot scenes for their third season until they get more money.

Source: TMZ

Really Jersey Shore Producers? Is this even a discussion? I've got an idea... how about send their salaries down to the Gulf Coast for oil cleanup? Or better yet, send the cast down to do the cleanup themselves. Oh wait... no, we don't want even more contamination of The Gulf. Yep, best to just send the money.

Hey, WTF?!!

Source: pictureisunrelated

I'm trying to remember which kind of wine goes best with pork. Is it a Cabernet? Shiraz? I do agree it's best to baste it in wine first.

And that's all the time I have for today. Have an awesomely awesome Monday and never, ever forget...

You CAN'T dig a hole to China from the US.

To dig a straight hole to China, you have to be in Chile or Argentina.

-OMG Facts



  1. Oh Prince Harry...I'm so glad it's no longer inappropriate to think he's supercute. And, obviously he can rock some purple.

    I really hope MTV just ditches them and their stick selves. They really need to stop thinking they're special-like soon. Like, today.

  2. Picksee, I totally agree. Although in all fairness, I never have watched their show, but I've had enough of them clogging up the gossip magazines. ;)

  3. Prince Harry is really sexy, he always has that little look of mischief in his eyes. You just know he can be very naughty and have a blast doing it.

    And the guys and gals from Jersey Shore should bow down and thank the idiots that ok'd the programming for their show. Trust me when I say they could go to any beach in NJ or South Philadelphia and EASILY find replacements.

    NOT a Jersey gal, I am a transplant from VA, just didn't give my Twitter handle alot of thought and Rae was already taken. :-)

  4. No worries Rae, we will not hold the NJ part against you. *wink* xoxo