Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I've Been Eclipsed

Where on earth have I been? You probably thought I was abducted to Satan's Kingdom, Vermont or something, right? Actually I've been in the running to win the award for the World's Worst Blogger. And I think it's in the bag.

Ok, you want the truth? YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH! I had a week-long party with my girls, several of which flew or drove here to Los Angeles to have an Eclipse-filled week with piercings, tattoos, Universal Studios, tapings of George Lopez & Jimmy Kimmel Shows, a taping of The Soup with Joel McHale; midnight opening of Eclipse, midnight opening of Last Airbender 3D and Eclipse again in IMAX. With a tiny bit of alcohol thrown in. Who was there? @kkjordan @Lelu2 @Sweet_Sparkles @SpankRansom @AshleighVegas @Anime81 @MrsOshimbo and myself. Oh yeah, it was a sparklepalooza. I may need a day or two, or several to recover. And of course we stayed through the Eclipse credits to cheer for Mr. G's name!!!

The weather in Eltopia, Washington is a partly cloudy 82 degrees today. I'm pretty sure it was named so, because it's a Utopia for Elks. Or Elephants. Possibly Elves.

Anyway, as my girls who were here can attest to, traffic on the 405 is bumper to bumper. So make sure you've got the bootleg copy of Eclipse on your iPhones to keep you company. What?

In the news, Alqaeda calls off attack on the nation's capital upon learning that Stephenie Meyer might have been in the vicinity.

Al-Qaeda Calls Off Attack On Nation's Capitol To Spare Life Of 'Twilight' Author

Really? Bin Laden is Team Jacob? I would've figured him more Team Aro. Definitely not Team Demetri, because did you see that pirouette he did? I'm pretty sure Bin Laden wouldn't have stood for that. Does he have any idea how gay he looked? (my apologies to gay people, because I'm pretty sure you guys and gals wouldn't do a pirouette if you were playing a vampire)

In other news, Jay Leno's ratings since he stole back returned to The Tonight Show are LOWER than Conan's stint on The Tonight Show.

Source: foxnews

Oh yeah, this is the land of broken dreams here in Hollywoodland, where revenge is best served as low ratings. *cheering loudly* #TeamCoco

Dave Chappelle was taking a private jet from New Jersey to Ohio, where he lives, when the plane made an emergency landing in Pittsburgh because the pilot couldn't handle his erratic behavior. During the flight, Dave apparently freaked out and refused to put his seat belt on, then repeatedly walked into the cockpit, and one time started grabbing the pilot's arms. He checked into a hotel for the night, where sources at the hotel said Dave wanted to rent a car to drive back to Ohio, only he couldn't remember where he lived.

Source: TMZ

A rep for Dave Chappelle said his behavior was due to the fact that he really needed to go to the bathroom and the bathroom on the plane was "not the kind he needed." Uh... the private jet didn't have the kind of bathroom he needed? Did he need a bidet or something? WTH?

Orlando Bloom was at a Festival of Speed in West Sussex, England recently.

Source: JustJared

What's the significance of this picture? Look at his inability to grow a beard. This is a good thing people. I bet he doesn't have a single hair on his back. *swoon*

Today's WTF moment is brought to you by Carlisle's retarded accent. Kidding. It's impossible to have a picture of his accent. I love the man to PIECES, but WHY OH WHY didn't anyone tell him to cut it out?! It will be an uhglee fight, with lahves lost.

Ok for real now, WTF?

Source: pictureisunrelated.com

That picture would be so full of win if that was actually a real semi-automatic assault rifle. Is it bad that I could tell it was fake? I mean, it's not like I've ever held or shot one of those. Ok, just that once, but it wasn't mine. It was my daddy's. Yep. Explains a lot, doesn't it?

And that's all the time I have for you guys. Sorry for leaving you guys hanging, but I do appreciate each and every one of you who left comments and emails checking to see if I was ok. *raising my eyebrow at all the lurkers who didn't write, didn't call...* Before I go, I have one last thing I need you to know...

-OMG Facts



  1. Very good blog! Great hearing about your super fun week with all your friends.**Envy**

  2. Well I stayed for the credits as well, ready to cheer on Mr. G, but I didn't see it!! Seriously, my son kept saying, "Why are we waiting..." and then I couldn't even point it out to him!

    The accent? Def has to go.

  3. oh thank God youre back. not sure how i would have made it through 5 more hours without this. whew!

  4. Welcome back Ginger! (and thanks for the Orlando Eye Candy... yum.)

  5. Yay for Ginger being back!

    Uhm. I'm now afraid of Teddy Bears... I'll have to keep "Big Bear" in the garage from now on..

  6. Yay for Ginger being back!

    Uhm. I'm now afraid of Teddy Bears... I'll have to keep "Big Bear" in the garage from now on..

  7. Well hello again! :) Glad to have you back! And that week o' fun sounds FABULOUS! I'm uber jealous!

    Okay Orlando Bloom is just cute-but that beard needs to go! Just shave it honey, it's not going to be a real grown up beard, ever.

    That teddy bear picture is for sure going to be in my nightmares tonight.

  8. Im not surprised about Dave. Ive run into him a few times, and he's very nice, but I can see the crazy...lol But he lives in Yellowsprings, so its kinda the law to live there you have to be crazy. Glad youre back!!

  9. We missed you so much. Its good to see you back and I'm glad you had good party times. ;)
    I still haven't gotten to see Eclipse (insert shocked gasp), because the new little guy cries a LOT. He definitely isn't an easy baby. Hopefully we'll get to go soon enough!

  10. JellyBeanRainbow said:

    Hey, I've been Eclipsed in LA, too. I was kind of hoping you'll come to the Moon's ( from LTR/LTT ) BBQ.
    I even won the Twilight themed prize, knowing Little Eddie was photographed in your bunny cage (among other places) in the UC & Moon's impromptu quiz held there.
    I hope I'll get to say hi to you in person the next time, at dawn.

  11. We cheered for Mr. G too. Love the picture of Orlando Bloom...may have stopped thinking right then and there...you were, ummm, *stares at pic some more* where again? Eclipse? What is that...*distracted by pic once more*

  12. JellyBeanRainbow, I love how Pocket Edward in my bunny cage was part of the LTT/LTR quiz. I would've loved to see those girls, but our days were jammed packed with activities. I barely even saw my kids that week. :( Sorry I missed you!

    Katarinasmama, I love that you cheered for Mr. G too!