Monday, July 12, 2010

Happy Trails and Giant Weenies

Happy Monday to my little friends. How was your weekend? (I can't really hear your response, I'm just being polite)

The weather today in Buttzville, New Jersey (thanks @NJRae) is a sunny 89 degrees today. Incidentally, Buttzville, New Jersey is home of the giant weenie. I personally would've thought Africa would have that honor, but *shrugs*.

Traffic on the 405 is bumper to bumper because there's a NAKED MAN STANDING ON THE MEDIAN.

Source: apnews

Love Roy Rogers? Want to own a piece of history and have an extra $100k-200k to burn? Bid on the stuffed remains of Roy's trusty horse Trigger at Christie's in Manhattan. Also on the auction block is Dale Evan's stuffed horse Buttermilk, Trigger Jr. and their dog Bullet.


Too bad Roy and Dale weren't stuffed like their animals. Would've made a complete set. I'm not so interested in having their animals. Lord knows I have enough of my own, but Roy Rogers in my living room? EPIC. I bet he'd scare away burglars.

In non-celebrity news, BP head honcho Tony Hayward was spotted in Houston, watching the World Cup in a bar with his not-wife. (I'm sure she's just his sister or something and it's completely innocent)

Tony ordered fish and chips. I'm assuming the fish was imported.

In it's-about-time-news, Mel Gibson was dropped by his talent agency. Now that the public has heard him calling every ethnic group & women derogatory names, he's not looking so marketable. In fact, the only people who he hasn't insulted are white (non-Jewish) men.


Poor Mel. Doesn't seem like he has a friend in the world anymore. Except perhaps Michael Richards. I almost feel sorry for the poor guy. Oh wait. No I don't.

Hey WTF!!


You may only sit on the toilet. You may not pee standing up if you have no arms, you may not bend over it looking for loose change. You may not jump off the toilet, fish in the toilet or karate chop the urinal.

And that's all the time I have for today, folks. I'll meet you back here same time, same place. But before I go, I'll share this little nugget of information with you...

-OMG Facts


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  1. LMAO Why didn't I see the naked man when I was on the 405? GOSH! (in my Napoleon Dynamite voice)

    Mel Gibson is in big double doo doo right now. I would hate to be his publicist, spouse, child, neighbor, pet. Anything. I bet BP and Tiger Woods set Mel up to get the heat off of their backs for a while.

    That pic of Celine Dion is hilarious. Seriously, worst picture ever. Loves it.