Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Gooooood Morning, good MOR-OR-OR-ning... it's GREAT to stay up late, goooood morning, GOOD morning to you. (and you) (and you) (and you)

The weather today in Ai, Ohio is a very concerning 81 degrees with showers and lightning. Be careful out there if you're in Ai today. Best to not be the tallest thing in a large field if you find yourself in that town. How is it even pronounced? I'm guessing "eye". But then again, I incorrectly guessed the "Cairo, GA" was pronounced K-eye-ro, when it's actually pronounced Kay-ro. So anyone's guess really. Any of you know? And what kind of name for a city is "Ai" anyway? Did the city council get together and say, "Well, we only have 4 letters in our state's name... let's come up with a city name of only 2 letters"? Did the person who was announcing the new city name get stabbed mid-word, and all they could come up with was Ai.......... *thud*? See, the traffic on the 405 is bumper to bumper, which gives ME all this time to ponder these names. Aren't you lucky?

In the news, a man gave his bride a lottery ticket as a wedding gift. The ticket... won them a jackpot of $250,000.

Source: apnews

I have nothing snarky to say about it. I'm genuinely happy for that couple. And slightly jealous. Ok a lot jealous, but mostly happy. Ok mostly jealous but happy too. Congrats!

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Today won't be on Lindsay Lohan's top 10 best Tuesdays. Because today Lindsay starts her 90-day-prison-sentence-which-will-be-only-22-days-due-to-overcrowding. Poor Lindsay. She better watch out for the lesbian gangs that are waiting for her arrival. (not making that up) On second thought, she might fit in quite well after all. I think I speak for... *looks around and sees only me* uh, myself when I say I hope this is enough to spark a positive change in Lindsay. Cause Lindsay, it won't be socially acceptable for me to poke fun of you if you're dead. #SadButTrue

You guys watch Celebrity Rehab, right? Yeah, me neither. Well except for the clips they show on The Soup. Anywho, Jeremy London and Rachel Uchitel are going to be on the next season. You remember Jeremy... who was abducted while trying to change a tire, and forced to do drugs by his abductors... who he eventually escaped from and lived to tell the tale.... and... hey... Why is he in rehab if he was forced to do drugs by his abductors? That poor Jeremy. His abductors got him addicted to drugs. *shakes head* Oh and who can forget Rachel Uchitel? (Tiger Woods Mistress #1 and David Boreanaz mistress #?)

Source: PopEater

I'm not going to say anything *cough-husbandstealer-cough* but I'm just saying... perhaps Mrs. Drew would like to keep a closer eye on her husband during the filming of the new season. #JustSaying Hey, isn't this the show where Dr. Drew said they hand out Herpes meds like candy every morning during shooting? Why yes, yes it is.

The Hiding-Your-Addiction Award goes to....

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You can fit an entire bottle of wine into one glass! Just think... boast to your once-concerned friends that you now only have one glass of wine each night! I know the perfect person for that gift. Wait, is it proper etiquette to give a gift when someone is released from jail? Just curious.

Hey, WTF?

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Poor Professor Umbridge is still trying to escape the wrath of the Centaurs.

And that is all the time I have for today. Find someone you can't stand... and avoid them for the rest of the day. What? I never claimed to provide morally superior advice. This isn't "Dear Ginger"... though that might be a fun idea.... *thinking* Oh yes... and one last thing...

St Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, was not Irish..

According to the story of St. Patrick, he was born in Kilpatrick, near Dumbarton, in Scotland. His parents were Romans. He was captured as a teenager and sent to Ireland to be a slave.

-OMG Facts



  1. *too many comments running through my head*

    Lindsay - who knows, she might make a new girlfriend. But truly I hope she can get her life back, not that I ever enjoyed her as an actress or "singer"

    Proud to say I don't watch celebrity rehab... whoa Jeremy, the years have not been kind to you :-(

    Wine glass - looks like the goblet sizes I try to buy ;)

    WTF indeed - underwater Umbridge was just... kinda awesome actually.

    Thanks for the giggles!

  2. 1. I read your greeting and immediately thought I better go look if you are on or off Dr. Pepper. The greeting made me think you were on.

    2. Ai, Ohio name origin (possible): At the city council meeting, they couldn't decide on a name for the city, so they were voting to postpone the naming, but something was lost in translation... so, they get to the part where they are "All in favor, say "Aye"... except spelled Ai. I blame the transcriptionist.

  3. The ship weight on that wine glass is 2lbs! I understand that packaging does add to the shipping weight-but good lord, how much does the glass weigh?!
    But, thank goodness I can just pour my whole bottle into my glass,so I don't have to be botherered with actually having to pour more. Because, if there's anything I hate-it's making an effort to get more wine.

  4. Picksee.... I just about snorted at the "because if there's anything I hate, it's making an effort to get more wine". LMAO!

    Graceling, I am very much still on the juice. If I start to sound angry in my posts, you can assume I'm in Dr. Pepper withdrawal. Thank goodness for that explanation of how the town Ai got it's name!

  5. "Dear Ginger" would be very entertaining. And I would probably laugh my ass off like I do everyday with your blog.

  6. I'm in agreement with....ask Ginger would be a fun idea!No other comments really...just the photo of that *round* lady on that thingamajig is crackin' me up!