Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Not All Gingers Are Equal

Happy Tuesday everyone. How is everyone today? Yeah? That's super awesome. Unless you're having a bad day and then that sucks. You know what time it is? If you guessed it's time to do the weather, then give yourself a hearty pat on the back. You deserve it.

The weather in Arm, Mississippi is 91 degrees and sunny, with 89% humidity today. And that, my friends is why I live in Los Angeles. Well, actually that's not technically why I live here. But it's one reason I'm glad I live here. Traffic on the 405 is bumper to bumper, so it would be wise to add sunscreen to your left arm. Chances are it could get sunburned through your driver side window. Unless you have this:

Oh yes, that's right! They finally made a 100 SPF for us gingers. Now I can go to the beach without worrying about getting a sunburn after 15 minutes in the sun. #notkidding. I'm not a big beach person. I mean I'd like the beach just fine, if you take away the sand, sun and salt water. Kind of similar to how I would like dogs if you could take away the hyper personality, dog smell, dog slobber, barking, and having to take them on walks. And... I'm off on a tangent again. I think my meds have kicked in.

In the news, a woman fell asleep on a United Airlines flight and did not wake up when she landed. In fact, she wasn't discovered until 4 hours later when a cleaning crew boarded the plane. And now she's suing them. Of course.

Source: news.yahoo.com

(Thanks @munsmama)

Of course the lady's name is Ginger. *shakes head* Her last name is McGuire so we can assume she was taking steroids as well. One of the things she's suing for is false imprisonment. Did the flight attendants superglue her seat belt so she couldn't get up? Did they slip a Mickey in her drink? Ok that's what I thought.

In too-good-to-be-true news, Heidi Montag is claiming to be separated from large @ss crystal-carrying hubby Spencer Pratt.

Source: popeater.com

I'm not planning the party just yet. This smells like a publicity stunt to me, but crossing my fingers just in case! Cause I'm pretty sure those two should never procreate. Unless you want the world to end. You think not pushing the button every 108 minutes was a bad decision? This would be worse.

Speaking of upstanding citizens, Bombshell McGee (Jesse James mistress #1) sat down in an interview to explain that not only did she do Sandra Bullock a favor, but dressing up in a Nazi uniform was not racist. She says it's not racist, it's anti-semitism.

Source: popeater.com

Thanks for clearing that up, "Bombshell". Hey, you know Spencer Pratt is single now. #justsayin

Hey, WTF????

Funny Wedding Photos - OH DEAR GOD NO

Ok now that is just disgusting. I mean, who wears lime green to their wedding? Freaks.

And that's all the time I have for today, so let's announce the winners to Friday's giveaway.

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  1. Okay, I seriously need that sunscreen. My kids and I are so white, we are almost clear. I can't be outside for 5 minutes without getting burned. Heidi and Spencer follow me on twitter - maybe they thought my Vegas ties could help their career. HA!

  2. You know...I noticed the lime green before the whatever was hanging them from the tree. Then I noticed the lady who was marrying the two. Now that's face. HAHAHA

    May I sue Ginger Steroid Lady for being so dumb that I had to read about her shit in an article? Just wondering.

  3. I've seen some SPF 100 stuff before, and contemplated getting it. Of course, since all light can cause my sunburns (I'm even special amongst the gingers when it comes to the sun sensitivity), then I would only be partially protected.

    Heidi and Spencer follow me on Twitter. I kind of started following them because I thought it would be funny to follow them, since I don't particularly think highly of either one. But by following them I have learned that Spencer is kind of, well...to put it nicely, insane.

  4. I won! Yeah!!! It'll go well with the Pirate Ta-Tas tee I ordered from their site. Think I'll wear it to the next PTA a meeting at my son's high school.

    Emailed you my contact info. Thanks a bunch!