Thursday, June 10, 2010

Les Lindsay

Thunderous Thursday to you all, my friends. There's no actual thunder here in Los Angeles... just trying to come up with a "th" adjective to put in front of Thursday. Anyone got anything better? Remember Garden of Eden, Nova Scotia? And how I mocked Nova Scotia? Well I got an edumacation from my twitter pal yesterday on how awesome Nova Scotia is and how she wants to move back there. Though she did say she would not choose Garden of Eden as a destination, as it doesn't have much to offer besides mosquitoes the size of small birds.

Speaking of thunder, It is raining with a temperature of 60 degrees in Moose Factory, Ontario. Really, can someone tell me how it got it's name? Are they making mooses (meese? mice?) in a factory in Ontario? Surely one of you crazy Canadians can tell me. You know I'm using "crazy" as a term of endearment. I've visited your country on a couple of occasions. The natives were friendly. First time I ever saw snow was when I visited your country in 3rd grade. I broke Canadian law while I was there. #dontask

In the news today, a Washington business is offering a $1000 reward for catching a thief who stole a doormat outside the business. A doormat that is worth $20. Article says the business owners were very angry at the theft. Hey Mr./Ms. Washington business owner... you got a Kmart nearby? Walmart? Bed Bath and Beyond? You can get a replacement doormat at any of those places for much less than $1000. I mean, did you have sentimental feelings toward it? If so, you probably shouldn't have been using it to wipe your dirty feet. #justsaying

Source: apnews

In celebrity news, Lindsay Lohan's lawyer is asking for her criminal trial to be moved to a later date because too many people visit TMZ and wish her ill, so therefore she couldn't possibly find an impartial jury. Oh yeah, that really is the reason her lawyer gave.

Source: tmz

It seems Miss Lohan is suffering from world-revolves-around-me-itis. Poor Lindsay. Everyone in Los Angeles county wants to watch her crash and burn. Perhaps they should request a change of venue?

In movie news, it has been announced by Paramount that they are developing a movie based on Les Grossman. (Tom Cruise's character from Tropic Thunder)


How is it that I enjoy Les Grossman so much when I'm soooo creeped out by Tom Cruise in real life? I would rather gouge my eyes out with a fork than watch any other Tom Cruise movie, but I laugh hysterically when Les Grossman starts to dance. I'm. So. Conflicted. Trying. Not. To. Like. Him.

Today's WTF moment is brought to us by Lady Gaga, who attended her younger sister's High School Graduation dressed like this:


Really Gaga? To your sister's graduation? Way to steal your sister's thunder on her special day. I'm all for expressing your individuality, but I'm guessing you didn't get enough attention from mummy & daddy as a child. Am I right? We get it. You like to be different. Mission accomplished.

And that's all the time I have for you today. I'll meet you back here same time and place tomorrow. But until then, let this get you through the day...

Mosquitoes can fly through rain drops with out getting hit.

-OMG Facts


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  1. What do LiLo's attornies really think they'll gain by delaying? Oh, well, in a month, those people will stop hating on her. And what is the likelihood those same people would be on her jury? Really? LAME!

    Is that Gaga's sister in the background in the blue heals. She looks like her. Would that then be their mom there next to her? Hmm.