Friday, May 21, 2010

We're Lost!

Happy Friday Peeps! The weather in Lost, Scotland is 67 degrees with afternoon showers today. Traffic on the 405 is bumper to bumper, so you have plenty of time to figure out the ending of Lost.

In the news, researchers found that men are bigger liars than women. The average British man tells three lies every day while the average British woman lies twice a day.

Source: bbcnews

I'm thinking Benjamin Linus is exceeding the daily average for men. I, on the other hand, never lie. Dang it... I only have one lie left for today.

Who is ready for the 2 and 1/2 hour Lost finale on Sunday?? How devoted of a fan are you? Are you THIS devoted???

Yeah I guess I'm not that devoted of a fan either. This is my level of devotion:

sidenote: Do you have any idea how hard it is to take a picture with one hand, holding a pen and camera in the other, while pushing the iPhone camera button with your chin? That's just one of my many talents, people.

What question are you hoping they answer in Sunday's finale? (If you don't watch Lost, make up a question) My question? How in the heck does Hurley maintain his weight on an island for 6 years where he has to scavenge and fish for his food??? Surely he's run out of those Dharma supplies by now.

Let's remember the good times on Lost... polar bear attacks, Shannon getting shot, Ana-Lucia getting shot, Science teacher getting blown to bits, Annoying leader lady who loved Jacob getting blown to bits, Juliet pancake, Kate getting shot, smoke-monster smackdown, and many, many more.

And now... for some pictures.

Are they playing twister here? WTH kind of pose is that???

*Gasp* What would Jin say about you wearing that??!!!

Oh hai Jin... was just talking about you, you sexy hunk.

Love you Hurley! Cause with you, there's more to love.

Where in the h...e...double hockey sticks did your alias "Jeremy Bentham" come from? Did they do that during the writers strike? Cause that might make sense. Otherwise, no.

Uh, I'm not sure I want to know what's going on here. Sayid and Julia? Really? *shudder* Now Sayid and me, that's something else entirely.

Desmond, Desmond... honestly, this entire 6 seasons of Lost could be an audiobook, as long as you are the narrator. Or you could just read the phone book for me. I'm easy. O_o

Now this picture I want to have blown up and framed above my bed. Not even joking. LOVE YOU BENJAMIN LINUS!!!


Oh and don't forget to tune in to the special one hour "Lost Special" on Jimmy Kimmel following the Lost Finale. I'm sure it will be unforgettable.

Have a great weekend everyone, and hopefully on Monday we'll all have the answers we need to know, to take us through the rest of our lives. Because sometimes 42 is just not enough.



  1. Woooooooooo! Can't wait....only hours away! I believe I will be crying a lot.
    I love those pics btw; especially the Naveen, Josh, & Michael Emerson ones! :D

  2. my favorite was THUD* XD!!! I'm looking forward to the end... but I honestly don't think we'll have much more than 42! *shrugs*

  3. LOL Josh Holloway just got a *THUD* but I guess that is all you can say when you look at him huh..he leaves ya speechless..esp with that smile..*yep THUD* says it all really! Not joking!

    As for me being ready...I look fwd to see what the finale will be like but I am also sad to see it end *sniffle* when will I have my weekly(ish) Josh/Sawyer fix?!

  4. i think i am still in denial that it is ending. I may have to call out "Lost" from work on monday so it all sinks in properly

  5. Okay...

    1. I am impressed with your pen-and-camera-holding-while-pushing-the-iPhone-button-with-your-chin skillz. I can barely take pictures of my baby bump using both hands with my iPhone!

    2. I don't watch Lost. Please say you still like me. (It's nothing personal, I just don't watch television. At all. I know- remnants of my Pentecostal upbringing.)

    3. My question for the finale of Lost (you said to make one up): we have underarm deodorant/antiperspirant. Why has no one created under-breast antiperspirant? The bigger my pregnancy lady lumps get, the more I wonder why such a useful invention has not been created.

    4. Spell check in the comments is awesome. I totally spelled antiperspirant wrong. But you would never know.

  6. Graceling, I LOVE that you made up a question!!! That's one I need the answer to as well. DD's in the summer.... not a pretty site.

  7. I love all the movie quotes you sneak into your blog. Hitchhiker's Guide is an amazing movie! Awesome pictures even though I dont watch Lost. Hope you get all the answers youre looking for!

  8. Props to Lisa for getting the Hitchhiker's Guide reference!!

  9. I am deeply in love with Benjamin Linus AND his sweater vest. I am horrified to think how life will continue after LOST. I am not prepared for this.