Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Touched By An Angel

Good morning and welcome to Hump Day everyone. It is acceptable for dogs to do to your co-workers, but frowned upon if you try it.

The weather in Asbestos, Quebec is a partly cloudy 68 degrees today. While you're stuck in bumper to bumper traffic on the 405 breathing the fresh, clean Los Angeles air, remember, black lung disease is not as bad as Mesothelioma.

In the news, a woman in Anchorage has reported that her gun was stolen. She apparently took it out of her waistband and placed it on top of the toilet paper dispenser in a bar restroom before doing her doody. When she was finished, she left the bathroom, forgetting about the gun. When she remembered, and returned to get her gun, it was gone. *gasp*

Source: apnews

I really hate it when that happens.

Would you like to hear more about the douchebaggyness of David Boreanaz? Well too bad if you don't, because this is my blog. *wink*

First off, David Boreanaz is reporting that his marriage is stable and his wife knew about the affairs. He apparently told his wife about his affair with Tiger Woods mistress #1 a day before Star broke the story, which was one month before the Tiger Woods scandal was made public.


While some are speculating the woman who was trying to extort money from Douchebag Boreanaz is Rachel Uchitel, she is claiming she is not that woman. All she did was have an affair with him while his wife was pregnant. But apparently she wouldn't stoop so low as to ask for hush money. The mistress who is asking for a six-figure sum from Douchebag Boreanaz (and has hired Gloria Allred as her attorney) claims she is not extorting money, but rather is asking for the money to settle her legal claims. The mistress' legal claims that entitle her to a six-figure claim... Douchebag Boreanaz deceived her by telling her that she was the only one in his life. Hey, if a burglar can fall through the roof of a place he is robbing and sue the company for damages, I'm sure a mistress can get away with suing a MARRIED man for deceiving her into thinking she was the only one he was sleeping with.

Speaking of mistresses, Kat Von D has come to the defense of Jesse James mistress #1 saying she's worried the tattooed vixen is being judged by her appearance because she has tattoos. Oh no. I'd never judge a woman for her Nazi/White Power tattoos.

Kat Von D spoke with US Magazine while at an event in Beverly Hills on Saturday.


Uh, Kat, does your "don't judge a book by its cover" advice extend to your ill-fitting outfit? Just curious.

Hey, WTF??!!!


Only in Venice Beach, CA can a wood nymph on stilts walk down the sidewalk unnoticed.

And that's all the time I have for today. Do something unexpected today, and beware of what I'm about to tell you...

A punishment in Ancient Greece for adulterous men was the insertion of a large radish into his rectum. They even had a word for it: Rhaphanidosis.

-OMG Facts

David Boreanaz, thank your lucky stars you weren't born in Ancient Greece.


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