Friday, May 28, 2010

Size Matters Not... Much.

Wow, I loved all the personal stories everyone shared yesterday in their comments about how breast cancer has touched their lives. I haven't experienced breast cancer in my family, but I do have breasts (two of them to be exact) and I'd like to keep them both. That's why I'm passionate about saving the ta-tas. I've got more Save the ta-tas® brand clothing and items to give away. But first, let's talk about the weather.

The weather in Titisee, Germany is a high of 65 with afternoon showers today. Traffic on the 405 is bumper to bumper so you have plenty of time to scope out the racks in other cars around you. I'm talking about luggage racks, of course. Perverts.

In the news today, a survey of men in India has concluded that condoms made according to international sizes are too large for most Indian men. This has led to a call for condoms to become available to Indian men in mixed sizes.

Source: bbcnews

Hey, don't judge. God made all creatures, great and small. Kudos to the BBC for including the quote by, Sunil Mehra saying "It's not size, it's what you do with it that matters." Spoken like a true man who doesn't fit in an average size condom. What? You guys are so mean. You shouldn't make me say things like that.

In celebrity news, the ladies from Sex in The City 2 are hitting the screenings, promoting their movie. At the London screening, Sarah Jessica Parker displayed a couple of outfits, each with their own head gear.


Sadly, instead of admiring the fashionista in Miss Parker, I'm thinking, "dayum... how much do those weigh? I bet they gave her one heck of a tension headache." Which is why I wear jeans and Ed Hardy shoes with no matching headgear. *shrugs*

On a completely different note, I just discovered a new website called They feature only the best photos of weddings and wedding receptions. And by "best", I mean tacky. Here's a wedding reception that features a ranch dressing fountain.

Sure you're thinking it's just a little nasty, but don't tell me you wouldn't grab one of those baby carrots and hold it under the ranch fountain when no one's looking. I thought so.

Hey, WTF???


Uh, I love Jesus. But does that mean I have to get in your pants? Because I'd rather not. Loving the pic of your grandma in the background. Or is that your dad?

And that's all the time I have for today. Don't forget to leave a comment to win one of these fabulous ta-tas shirts! Today I have something for the guys too.

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  1. I would LOVE to win love my big tatas.. even tho mine are small <3

  2. Me too me too! I'd love the "I love my big tatas" I would need XL - mine are big. (O O)

  3. beveagen here BEGGING for the big tatas tee in xl. Mine are store bought and definitely xl. :)

  4. I think my hubby would kill me if i didn't enter to win him a mens tatas shirt. so i hereby enter :P

  5. My hubby would love the men's shirt. Ta-tas make him very happy.

    And if he's happy, I'm happy.

  6. Love that a portion of the sales goes towards breast cancer research.

    To be honest, the only person I know that had breast cancer was VP at the hospital I used to work at. She's an 8 year cancer survivor. Makes me teary...and happy.

    If the dude in the shirt with the Jesus saying was any hotter...HAHAHA Nope can't say that. I don't wanna be mean/sarcastic. ::sigh::

    Anyhoo...the whole ranch should be blue cheese. Just sayin'. lol

  7. I would love to win the I love my Big Tatas shirt in an XL because I have big ones :) I would enter my husband to win the Men's tshirt (small) but he would probably kill me, I don't know why he loves my huge boobs. Hmmm. Thanks.

  8. I <3 my big I'd love to win that shirt, XL so they fit.

  9. I would NEVER wear a tatas shirt- nor would I allow my husband to, so no thanks.
    Of course it was ranch because the chunks in bleu cheese would clog the fountain!

  10. Those poor men (or should I say women) in India.

    That ranch fountain made me gag a little.

    Wow. I don't think I'd want in that guys pants.

    I love the tatas shirts. I lost a friend to breast cancer. Love that you love the organization so much.

  11. In general I don't have much love for my big ta-ta's, but I suppose I should, so I hereby enter for said shirt!

  12. My maternal grandmother died of breast cancer when my mother was 17. My mother got breast cancer 7 years ago, when I was 26. A year later she got ovarian cancer. They removed the tumor, and she spent a year cancer free. The following year the ovarian cancer came back in her abdomen...and a year later she died from it all, valiant until the end.

    My sister has little ta-tas, I have much bigger ta-tas, and I think ALL ta-tas are worth saving and loving.

  13. sure enter me for both plz. Hubby would love the men's

  14. I would wear a love my big ta-ta's shirt and my husband would if he ever wanted to see the girls again.

    Cancer's not funny my Aunt fought it twice and kicked it's butt and a third time and it won. She would have LOVED the ta-tas line.

    You have to find the funny wherever you can when you or someone you love is fighting for their life.

    Thanks Ginger for the prizes and the awareness. You rock!

  15. I would wear a ta-ta's make me happy shirt all the time because.....well, they do! XXL

  16. LOL@ today's post. Maybe that guy shoud get a shirt that says "Jesus loves ta-tas" :) Have a good Memorial Day!

  17. Hoorah for big ta tas!

    I'd love the XL big ta tas shirt.
    Considering I have big ta tas.

    Big Ta Tas= Big Advertising Space.

  18. Entering my hubby for the men's shirt, he would love it :)