Thursday, May 27, 2010

Save the ta-tas!

Good morning everyone, we have a very special day today, so let's get started!

The weather in Tittybong, Victoria, Australia is a sunny 64 degrees today. Traffic on the 405 is bumper to bumper, so you have plenty of time to give yourself a breast exam, which will probably make the commute time more bearable for the cars in the lanes next to you.

Here at Gingersnaps in the Morning, we (meaning I) like boobs. There's iNatural boobs (like mine) and iArtificial boobs (like my mom's). And some cancer survivors even have iRemoved boobs.

Here's my boobs in case you forgot what they look like.

This brings us to our very special topic today. Today, we're talking about ta-tas. You know, the sophisticated term for boobies.

I have the honor of having my good friend Julia, the founder of Save the ta-tas® brand clothing here today. She graciously agreed to be interviewed by yours truly and has provided me with some awesome Save the ta-tas® giveaways!

Welcome Julia to Gingersnaps in the Morning!

How long have you been a fan of ta-tas?

Ever since I knew what not having them meant. My mom had great ta-tas. My grandma had no ta-tas - well, hard foam pointy ones to replace the two she lost to cancer. Better to have not than lose our life, but we can find a way to save the ta-tas.

Do you feel your affection for your ta-tas has grown over the years?

We've had good days and bad days, but there are two of them and one of me. I'm outnumbered and usually come around to their point of view.

Have you ever met a set of ta-tas you haven't liked?

Never. I really believe ta-tas bring people together.

What inspired you to start this clothing line?

My husband's aunt got breast cancer and I was a clothing designer dreaming up ideas to help the world. When I suggested "ta-tas" to my husband he gave me this very male gutteral laugh. I knew, at that moment, just like you know about a good melon, we could help the world by saving ta-tas.

What is your mission in promoting ta-tas?

Cancer not only kills ta-tas it kills women, and men. By saving the ta-tas, we are saving lives!

I noticed you have t-shirts promoting small ta-tas and large ta-tas. Have you ever considered having a "I love my perfectly average ta-tas" shirt?

There is no such thing as average ta-tas. Every pair deserves a stare. Besides you've heard the old wisdom, "Beauty is in the eye of the boobholder." That is how it goes, right?

You have some great men's shirts in your product line. I think my favorite is "Save a Life, Grope Your Wife". But I didn't see anything like "I love my man ta-tas". Is that an oversight or do you have a problem with moobs?

A shirt for mitties. I like it. Caught you lookin at my mitties? My mitties could beat up your mitties? Moob over ta-tas!

Tell me about your Boob Lube. (great name by the way)

A mom wrote us after her 15 year old found a lump that turned out to be cancer. She was so sad and didn't know how she could have possibly taught her daughter at that age to begin her self breast exams. I learned to "wash rinse repeat" from reading the shampoo bottle, so why not use that concept to teach girls how to do their self breast exam. Mom can explain or not explain, either way put it in the shower and the whole family can start a healthy habit.

Is it edible? No reason, just curious. Does it come in purple?

Ummm, yah. It's not edible, or purple, but it can definitely lead to more than just a breast exam... if that's what you mean.

Have you ever considered offering a Save the Ta-tas® deodorant? You know, to keep the ta-tas fresh and dry during the summer months?

Interesting point. Sweat marks under boobs can really be distracting from the main event. But, truth be told, sweat is one of the ways we remove toxins, so sweaty ta-tas are healthy ta-tas!

There was recently an article about terrorist women getting explosive implants to be used in homicide bombings. Do you feel ta-tas should be used as weapons? Perhaps you can add a "Warning: Explosive Ta-Tas" shirt for them.

ta-tas are lovers not fighters

You have a bumper sticker that says "Honk if you love ta-tas" Do you think there is any demographic that doesn't like ta-tas?

Maybe West Hollywood. But let's not discriminate, pecs are ta-tas too.

What is your favorite T-shirt slogan from the ta-tas brand?

Personally, I like the ones that draw attention to my ta-tas. Caught you lookin at my ta-tas for example, or Green saves trees, pink saves these. Thumbs pointing right to the funbags. Yah, promoting the girls adds value to the cause. Let's keep em, right?

Do you take input from fans for future T-shirt slogans? Because I have a few floating around in my head that you're welcome to use. Here are just a few I came up with:

"I paid a lot of money for these ta-tas"
"I have a third nipple and I'm proud"
"Warning: These Ta-Tas are larger than they appear"
"Warning: These Ta-Tas are smaller than they appear"
"I Love My Leaky Ta-Tas". (for nursing mothers)
"I Love My Saggy Ta-Tas"
"Out of Control Ta-Tas"
"Training Bra Ta-Tas"
"Lopsided Ta-Tas and Proud"
"I Love My Tattooed Ta-Tas"
"Pierced and Proud"
"Lumpy but Lucious Ta-Tas"

I think you've proved that genius comes in all shapes and sizes!!

Where can we buy your products? Get a 15% discount with code: Gingersnaps upon checkout!

And for the very last question and probably the most important question of all: Team Edward or Team Jacob?

Edward - obviously! He should buy Bella "I love my little ta-tas." All he needs is a mouthful, right?

Thank you Julia for being such a great sport and participating in this interview. Now let's save some ta-tas!!

Now for the Save the ta-tas® giveaways, I have tons to give away! For the first giveaway, I have two shirts. By the way, the shirts are very soft and high quality. You will feel as good as you look in them. (I was not paid to say that)

Save the tatas® Lava Lamp Tee - Black, size Small

Caught you lookin' Tank - Black, size XL

U.S. residents only, please. One entry per person. Please specify in your comment which shirt you hope to win. The winner will be announced on Monday. Winner has 48 hours to claim the prize or another winner will be chosen.

I've got more shirts and Save the tatas® items to giveaway after this! And don't forget to checkout the Save the ta-tas® website. Use code Gingersnaps upon checkout for a 15% discount! A portion of EVERY sale goes toward breast cancer research.

Aaaaaaand Go!



  1. It's so important to save the tatas ... I'm 36 and I just had my first mammogram ... I'm being sent back for an ultrasound to "look closer" at something they found.

    I'm going to buy a couple t-shirts right now for myself, my wife & my girlfriend.

    You're the bomb, lady ...

  2. Excellent and fun post, as usual, and for a great cause :). Both my grandmother's had breast cancer and beat it. Hopefully one day everyone can beat it and it will just go away :).
    Is this comment considered an entry? I wouldn't mind either shirt, but I think I'd like the tank, just cause it's certainly a couple times a day that I catch someone looking at my ta-ta's. Unfortunately it's usually my 4 year old son. He's a boob man :).

  3. First: Best. Interview. Ever.

    I found a lump when I was 25. It was scary, but thankfully, was a cyst that went away. Ta-tas are great, and I hope everyone gets to keep their ta-tas!

    My hubby is glad he went to medical school and therefore can say he "knows how to do a breast exam better" than me- he gets dibs and loves it:)

    I would love to win the tank. I think it would be apropos... especially when I am breastfeeding:) Plus, I think I could wear it to work since it supports breast cancer research and awareness! SCORE!

  4. Wow. I am dying laughing - and im pretty sure my hubby and his office are digging on it too right about now. Id love to win the tank. :P These Tatas dont fit in a small. I love the site, and have been trying to remember to go and get a bumper sticker for my hubby thanks for the reminder!

  5. So great to "meet" you, Julia. I mentioned to Ginger that I got a "Fabulous Ta-Tas" shirt back in January. I love it - it always catches the eye of fellow travelers when I wear it on the plane. Either that or one of the rhinestones pokes an eye out. ;)

    Great company and I'll continue to support it to spread the awareness of breast exams, for sure. Thanks for a great interview, both of you!

  6. I'd love the tanktop... I'll also go buy some shirts! I love the idea, the reason, everything.

  7. Just became a follower of your blog. How exciting to interview the person behind the save the tatas design. Would love the lava lamp shirt but my tatas will only fit the XL. So if I win, the XL tank would be my tata of choice. Love the design of your blog as well. Look forward to following it.

  8. Popping in to say -- thank you for putting a focus on ta-tas!! I'm all about the annual Squish Exam. Get your mammos girls!!

  9. My grandma lost her ta-tas to cancer. My mom has artificial ta-tas. I'd love to win the tank, there is no way these fit in a small. My ta-tas serve a purpose...or at least they will in a week or so when the baby comes.
    Everyone loves the ta-tas!!!

  10. I hope to win the Lava Lamp tee since tank tops and my flabby arms just don't mix. :) Now I'm off to find out some more about this boob lube....

  11. I wold love to win the Tank Top since my Tatas wuld not fit in the small :) I just my first Momo this year, I am 37 years old b/c Insurance company told m I had to wait until I was 40. I forcedthe issue since I was adopted and now I know I can relax b/c there is no problems with my TaTas. thanks for the inteview, it was great.
    Kelly In sunny Florida

  12. What a great article. I love this company!! I'd love to win the tank top since my ta-ta's don't fit in a small!!

  13. I would love the XL tank! I walk in the Breast Cancer 3-day every year and have a number of Save The Tatas items to wear during training & at the walk! Keep up the good (ta-ta) work!

  14. This shit was hilarious, and informative, of course! Explosive Ta-Tas. Cannot.Stop.Laughing.

    I'd like to win the tank top. Perfect for Komen 3-Day training!

  15. Julia...I LOVE your stuff and your cause. I have known several people who have fought the battle -some lost and some won. We have a history of many types of cancer in my family, so I am always worried about my tatas, especially finding a way to save them and save lives. Keep up the fight! Oh yea, I would like to win the tank top - love that slogan! And yes, these ta-tas won't fit in a small either!

  16. You are too funny!!

    Breast Cancer runs in my family and it can be caught check those boobs!!

    I would love to win the lava lamp tee! Thanks

  17. Awesome ladies, just awesome!!

    I would like to win the tank!!

  18. My wife has an awesome pair that I am in fully in favor of keeping around. I think the lava tee would fit her size and definitely show what shes got but she would also rock the tank and look way good doing it.

  19. Breast cancer also runs in my family, with my maternal grandmother dying from it after a long relapse. It's so important to check and keep checking those ta-ta's!!! I'm 33 and after I found an innocuous lump I learned if you have a history not to wait to start feeling yourself up!

    The lava lamp tee is awesome.

  20. mistymtngirl28@yahoo.comMay 27, 2010 at 12:59 PM

    ginger-i have to say your article is quite delightfull! i purchased my first save the ta-ta's about 3 years ago, its a shoulder bag and i love it. what i love even more is the comments i get from people because it defiantly catches the eye. it gives me an opportunity to tell people about save the ta-tas and the ownderful things they do and products they have for purchase. i am now the proud owner of several ta-ta items and stickers. thank you for your wonderfully fun article! i would like to win the lava lamp tee but unfortunatly i need an xl so i would be delighted to win the tank instead. thanks again, have a wonderful day and SAVE THE TA-TAS!!

  21. I would LOVE to win the tank. We support "Save the tatas! My sister is a 2 time survivor! YAY

  22. I'm a boob-girl myself and would love to win the tank <3

  23. I would looovee to win the tee shirt! My neighbor is a breast cancer survior, but both of her ta-tas are gone now. :[ Sad day for everyone.

    Breast cancer, hasn't been known in my family, unfortunately. I know we get the regular checks, and I do the self exam. Gotta keep the ta-tas!!

  24. I would love to win the XL tank - thanks

  25. I would love to win the XL tank - thanks

  26. I would love to win the XL tank - thanks

  27. I would love to win the XL tank - thanks

  28. My mom is a 3rd generation breast cancer servivor. I would love the XL could be part of my "edgy" new uniform at work!! I love the shirts and all of the tatas items.

  29. Loved your interview!! Have a cpl save the ta-ta's t's already but would love to win the small lava lamp one!! Also may buy the "I love my little ta-ta's" tank!!!
    Have a great day!!!

  30. As a woman who ♥ her breasts as au naturel as they are...I'd love to stretch the XL tank over 'em! That'd surely be good for quite a few looks! :)

  31. I will be buying save the TA-TAS products for the whole family. Lost my mother and aunt to breast cancer. And now my moms best friend was diagnosed 3 months after my mom passed away in 12-08. So I would love to win the small black for my daughter. Hope for the future. Thanks.

  32. My girlfriend was Diagnosed with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma in Feb and she is/we are weathering the storm with a vengance! This is NOT going to be her demise! I have purchased many Breast Cancer awareness items, but do not have a Ta-Ta's shirt yet. I'd love to show off my Ta-Ta's with "Caught you lookin' Tank - Black, size XL"

  33. Great Blog!! Found you thanks to being a Facebook fan of Save the TaTa's!

    Love their products -- I've ordered them for gifts for many I love in my life. One of my fav's (as was also cited in your interview) I ordered for my son "Save a Life Grope Your Wife" ... it's been a real "head turner" and "comment getter" on bowling nights! LOL!

    Though I have bought many for others I don't have one myself... it's on my 'list' of presents for me this summer. If I was to win one of the two you have posted, either would be fun! My first choice though would be the tank "Caught Ya Lookin' at my TaTa's!"

    Thanks again for a great blog/interview. I bookmarked your blog for frequent future visits!

    Smiles & Blessings ...

    California, USA

  34. My great grandmother had breast cancer and thus has a prosthetic left ta-ta. When I first got her a save the ta-ta shirt I thought my proper great grandmother was going to have a heart attack on me. She didn't. After the red cheeks passed she grinned said she loved it and wears is whenever she can. Her survivor group now uses the shirts to give their cause and get together a fun twist. I would love to win either the xl tank or the s t-shirt. The XL tank would be for me I need a big shirt for my fabulous big Ta-Ta's or the Small would be for my 15yr old baby sister's first. I am so great-full everyday that someone finally took the frowns out of breast cancer and replaced it with some fun grins.
    PS my husband bought one the other day and had "in Honor of Dorothy Faris and Her Kicking Breast Cancer in the Ass" put on the back of it.

  35. Hi there G!

    I am US citizen, but living in Mexico, my sister still lives in LA, I am hoping to win this for her. Today was her graduation and due to work I wasn't able to go see her. It would mean a lot to me to win this for her. I'm looking forward to winning the XL "Caught you lookin' at my tatas" Tee, her tatas couldn't possibly fit on the small one :)

    I am doing my part saving tatas... I'm following the "save a life, grope your wife" Tee's advice.


  36. Oh my goodness that's the funniest interview I've read in a while! That was great! Explosive ta-tas.. Wow! Who would have guessed.. And you asked the ultimate question! Team Edward or Jacob! She answered right!
    I'd defiantly like to win the tank top :) Boob loop. Wow, going to have to see what that is! I have a "fight like a girl' with the pink ribbon on it I got from a Relay event. I love it! I've always wanted one of the "ta-ta" shirts! Going to have to go check out the site finally!


  37. I LOVE the tank!!!! Great article and interview. Kudos for a great cause!!!

  38. I enjoyed your humor! I love this campaign and I see the stickers all around Orlando

  39. Great interview!! Giggling at the T-shirt suggestions. I am a survivor of Stage 4 Brain Cancer but have friends surviving breast cancer. I always support the ta-tas!!! Would love the black tank in XL - caught ya lookin!

  40. I try to support Breast Cancer awareness as much as possible in honor of my Great Grandmother who beat breast cancer but is no longer with us.She lived to be 101 years of age and lived a very fulfilling life.I also honor my Aunt who lost the fight and went to be with Jesus in 98.She was like a second mom to me and i miss her so much.I would love to see a cure for this horable illness.So in honor of my two loved ones effected i want to win the " cought you lookin" Tank so i can wear it proudly for them!!

  41. Caught you lookin' Tank - Black, size XL

  42. Great interview for a great cause! Reposting on Facebook for my peeps. I would love to win the tank top!

  43. This is greatness! The foam inserts is close to my heart; my grandma also had breast cancer before reconstruction was an option, so we made some for her to wear. I'm honoring her as my friend Laurie and I walk in the 2010 DFW Breast Cancer 3 Day. SAVE SECOND BASE!

  44. I hope to win [Save the tatas® Lava Lamp Tee - Black, size Small]

    I love the Save The Ta-Tas brand.

    If they ever made Lopsided Ta-Tas and Proud. I'd totally buy it for my mom. Luckily they caught the cancer early so she only had to have a lumpectomy.

  45. Love the tank top xl for the lovely ladies :) I have the tata sticker on my car get tons of comments and people thankin me Rock On!

  46. Would love the T-Shirt. But tis not my size. Would fit in the tank but my arms are huge. hahaha

    I remember first being a perv when I noticed the TaTas tees at Myrtle Beach a coupla years ago. Purchased me some stickers. Never really realized the cause. It's a good thing!

    By the way...I'm even in more love with your knockers...esp in that shirt! ::giggles::

  47. i'm in for the tank, Small just wont work for these tata's. I was looking at the web site the other day after you had up on FB. Had a scare about 5 yrs ago and had to have a mamo, ultrasound (b/c tissue too dense to see with mamo) and a biopsy. All is well thankfully. I was going to get a bunch of the water bottle clip-on's for trip to disney

  48. I Loved Your Interview! It Was Great And Very Informative!! I Would Loooooveeee To Have The Black Tank Top! (The Small Just Wouldn't Do For Me!! LOL) I Would Wear The Tank Everywhere To Show And Inform Everyone That They Too Should Support Save The Ta-Tas!! Thank You & Take Care!!! =)

  49. BevEagen here saying, love the tanks. XL for me. I have artificial ta tas and am proud of them. (so's my husband). God Bless America and GOD BLESS THE TA TAS!!!

  50. Im all about saving the TA TAS..iv'e lost a couple of family members and some close friends to breast cancer..i would love nothing more than to see a cure for this as soon as possible..In the interest of saving all the boobies out there, i have something for all of you to look at... go to , and take a look 10% of all procedes will go to breast cancer research

  51. I am a 34 year old mom of 2 beautiful children (that they said would never happen) and i am a 13 year cancer survivor. This cause is very near and dear to my heart! My grandmother (who was diagnosed a year after i was) is currently battling cancer again and unfortunately is losing the battle. I walk the Relay for Life every year in memory of my fallen friends and family and current survivors. I would love to wear one of these shirts at the walk next month. I would take either if I won, both would fit me (the small t-shirt would probably be better). I would be grateful for anything that is in support of this cause. Save them Ta-Tas!!!!!

  52. I LOVE the interview!! I love the ideas!!! And would love to win the tank top!!! I just found out that I have stage 1 breast cancer last month and deciding what route to take to make the best of MY ta-tas! So the tank will will whether my ta-tas remain somewhat natural or altered, I (and everyone around) can love my ta-tas (not personally, lol)!

  53. Hey Ginger! Great interview for a great cause... Save the Ta-tas is such a fun way to get people involved in cancer research. :) Thanks for all you are doing!

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