Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Really, Sweden??

Hello hello, and congrats on surviving to hump day. My bunnies know all about hump day. #needtogetthemneutered Let's move on to the weather, shall we?

The weather in Bush, Kentucky (yes, Kentucky, I'm stuck on you) is a partly cloudy 67 degrees today. Traffic on the 405 is bumper to bumper so today would be a great day to practice your kegels. Men, you can do them too. Oh yes you can. #healthyprostates

In the news today, scientists in Japan have concluded that female damselflies prefer hotter males to males that aren't as hot.

Source: bbcnews

Uh, isn't that true of the entire female population of every species? That's what I thought.

Why is June 13th taking so long to arrive? Come on, people, I don't need to remind you that that's the day Season 3 of True Blood starts, right?

In the meantime, Alexander Skaarsgard and Kate Bosworth are one step closer to declaring their undying love for each other and having a quiver full of blond babies together. The Viking took his girlfriend to his native Sweden to meet his family and closest friends there.


And Suhkay and Beeeeeel were spotted in Santa Monica, coming out of the REI (recreational equipment store).

Source: JustJared

Those two have good taste. If you think you spend too much at Target or Costco, get yourself to REI. And that one they went to is an especially nice one. I've given them lots of my money. Mr. Ginger and I like to go to that one after a nice dinner date at The Border Grill, just down the street from there... and... I'm... totally going off on a tangent. You don't really care about Border Grill's awesome skirt steak, do you? Well that's because you haven't tried it. #trust

Hey, who hasn't yet seen True Blood's Season 3 Trailer #2??? Well feast your eyes on this:

Uh huh. That's right. *shaking with anticipation even though I've read all the books that have been released so far, twice*

Hey, WTF!!!


That looks as cold as Hell. Wait. Where did that saying come from? I thought Hell was supposed to be hot. Though... if you're thinking eternal damnation and torture... this native Floridian living in Southern California tends to think cold is worse than hot. So maybe Hell is in Antarctica. You like my thought patterns, huh? I really should take muscle relaxers more often.

Speaking of... I'm about to relax into a puddle on the ground, which is my cue to sign off for the day. Watch out for humping bunnies, this lovely hump day. Speaking of humping (did I really just say that?)...

Americans have sex 118 times a year, below the average of 127.

Eastern Europeans have sex an average 150 times a year. The countries with the lowest sex frequencies are Sweden (102), Malaysia (100), and Singapore (96).

-OMG Facts

Sweden, really? I wonder if Alexander Skaarsgard knows that.


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  1. How the hell did I not know Kate and Alex (we are on a first name basis, obviously) are dating?!

    How does one meet such a studly foreign man and make him your beaux?

    Oh, right, get famous. bummer.

    Is it me or does Beeeeeel/Stephen have Elvis hair?