Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Not An Angel

It's Tuesday. Raise your hands if you're sleep deprived from playing the Halo Reach Beta all night. *watches Mr. G raise his hands*

The weather in California, Missouri is a sunny 83 degrees today. Traffic on the 405 is bumper to bumper which might make you wish you were in Missouri's version of California. *shakes head no*

We're going to skip the regular news today and go straight for celebrity news. While it was previously suspected, it has now been confirmed that David Boreanaz is in the douchebag club. He had been linked to Tiger Woods' mistress #1, but now it seems he has come forward after another mistress tried to extort money from him. Or should I say, more money from him after he had already paid her thousands.

Source: people.com

The blackmailing mistress' attorney.... Gloria Allred. Shocking I know. David admits his marriage has been tainted by his "infidelities". Plural. DOUCHEBAG!!!!! I knew there was a reason I was always Team Spike. Quick... someone hand me a stake.

Someone who is NOT a douchebag, but is also a Buffy alum is Seth Green. Seth Green is a fellow ginger and therefore can never be in the douchebag club. It's a known fact. Seth Green was married this weekend at the Skywalker Ranch.

Source: popeater.com

Congrats Seth and Seth's wife. You picked a lovely place to get married. Who cares that Seth is 4 feet tall. He is full of awesomesauce and his wife is one lucky lady.

Iggy Pop showed off his lovely figure at a concert this weekend in London.

Source: tmz.com

You know, it just occurred to me that Iggy Pop and Donatella Versace would make a lovely couple. Don't you think?

Now's the time in our show where we say, Hey, WTF!!!

Source: pictureisunrelated.com

You know, it may seem overwhelming, but they do have medications for that.

And that's all the time and sanity I have for today. I think I'm doing pretty well considering I'm chock-full-o-pain-meds. (car accident, long story, but the loopiness of drugs is fun) Before I go, I must make sure you know that...

Every year, dogs kill more people in the US than Great White sharks have in the past 100 years.

-OMG Facts

Guys, guys... I try to warn you about the danger of owning dogs. Don't come crying to me when your dog kills you. Oh wait...



  1. I'm sorely disappointed that you neglected to mention that today is Star Wars Day. Oh well. May the Fourth be with you, anyway!


  2. How did I not know about Star Wars Day??! Better late than never. May the 4th be with you.

  3. I knew there was a reason I never watched Angel do anything after he stopped being Angel. His douchey-ness was spilling out. #IdoadmitIusedtoloveAngelthatisuntilIsawtheerrorsofmywaysandwastotallyTeamSpikewhichIwillremainnowuntilforever

    And, ewwww...saggy skinned bones is so not attractive. Who cares if you're skinny if we can see the implants and wrinkles everywhere. Gross!

  4. I immediately thought of your blog & that he's a big fat poopy head when I saw the story last night.

    Maybe all these blabbermouth poopy head mistresses will discourage future poopy heads? (i just like saying poopy head, can you tell?)

    Iggy Pop is creepy. Donatella too. That is all there is to say about that.

  5. Diane, thank goodness you saw the light and switched to Team Spike!

    Picksee, I was thinking the same thing. These loudmouth mistresses will hopefully keep other husbands in line.

  6. I really kinda loved David, now that he's in the D-Club, it makes me sad. Dame you David! And EWWW on the wrinkled skin couple...lol