Thursday, April 29, 2010

Never Call A Woman Fat

Well hello there, gentle viewers. You survived hump day, it's nice to see. Now for the weather. Idiotville, Oregon is a rainy 52 degrees today. Mom, Dad, we bought our first house. Well, it's in a town called Idiotville. I don't know, they said we were a perfect fit for the town, so we bought the house.

The traffic on the 405 is bumper to bumper, as usual. If you're tired of the traffic, you may consider moving to that little town in Oregon. I'm guessing life will be a little more simple for you there.

In the news today, a 21 year old woman didn't like being called "fat" at a party by a 24 year old man. So she chewed his ear off. Literally. As in a whole chunk of his ear is missing.

Source: apnews

Well he did say she was fat. Fat people need higher caloric intakes to maintain their weight. Maybe she was just hungry?

In creative yet creepy news, the family of a murdered 22 year old man decided to forgo the ol' casket or cremation option. Instead they asked that their son be posed on a motorcycle during the 3-day viewing.


Oh yeah you can find the video on YouTube, but frankly... the guy is not moving. Cause he's dead. He looks to me like he's going out in a blaze of glory. Like a cowboy, on a steel horse he rides.

Hmmm.... I wonder how I'd have my family pose me when I die.

Have you seen the "Twilight" engagement ring Edward gives Bella in that Eclipse clip they're showing? It was designed by Stephenie Meyer herself and pretty much fits the description of the ring in the book, except that this is white gold instead of yellow gold in the book.


Hmmm... I wonder if that would look good on the middle finger. *tries to picture it*

Yeah, that's pretty cool. What, you think that hand belongs to ME? N-no.... N-no... I... d-don't even know w-what you're s-saying. Oh look! Something shiny!!!

Oh hey, WTF!!!


I'm not really sure what that statue is all about, but the whole thing seems squirrely to me.

And that's all the time I have for today. Be good to each other and I'm crossing my fingers for no twitter-stalkers today! Oh and one last thing...

India has MORE cellphones than TOILETS.

-OMG Facts



  1. Hi Ginger!

    Okay, so the LAST thing you want to do is eat anything after a guy calls you fat. Chips, Cake, Pizza or ear. Whatever. Very odd.

    The WTF the squirrel standing on his nuts? Guess he found a pair of nuts he didn't want to eat.

    Love your blog. I may not review everyday but I do read and laugh.


  2. I'm feeling some concern as to what the family of motorcycle-guy is thinking. I mean really??


    Kids; safety first.