Monday, April 12, 2010

Fresh Paca Poo

Goodmorning goodmorning everyone goodmorning. *channeling Ann Curry* The weather in Sandwich, Illinois is a sunny 70 degrees today. Did you know in the fine town of Sandwich, they have Sandwich Memorial Park? Wha, did a sandwich die there or something? *shrugs* Traffic on the 405 is bumper to bumper so you have plenty of time to gorge yourself on... donuts. Ooooh, switching it up here. You guys totally thought I was going to say sandwich, didn't you?

In the news, an Illinois school district is throwing out the ol' bake sales and car washes and has decided to sell bags of alpaca manure, called "paca poo" to raise money for the district. Parents, students and teachers will be scooping and selling the droppings.

Source: apnews

You know, cookies taste better. #justsaying

In surprising celebrity news, a new Oprah Winfrey biography is claiming that Oprah and John Tesh were a couple, living together in Nashville in the 70's.


No telling on whether or not either of them have confirmed this publicly. I suppose I could always ask John Tesh next Sunday at our church. Hi John, I'm Ginger, and I just wanted to confirm that you and Oprah were sleeping together in the 70's for my blog. Oh, and can you hand me that hymnal? Thanks! You're the greatest!

Speaking of sexy *cough* white men, Details Magazine has three different covers this month with three of the actors from True Blood.


Where's Sam? *shakes head* I know which one I'd buy. The one with the viking on it. The one who is reportedly dating Kate Bosworth. Hold up a minute. Kate? What kind of mojo are you working? First you get yourself this sweet piece of hunksauce....

*thud* And then you land yourself Mr. Sweden himself?

What is your secret? Oh and let me just say you're looking much better now that you're not scary anorexic looking. MUCH better. And I think your freaky dual-colored eyes are pretty cool.

Uh... WTF?


That is just... gross. I mean, Dr Pepper is SO much better than Coke. #fact

And that's all the time I have today. Have a fantastic Monday! Before I go, there's something I think you should know...

Actress Kate Bosworth suffers from Heterochromia iridium, a condition that causes a person's eye color to be different from the other one (Hazel and blue).

-OMG Facts



  1. wow at the last photo LOL is that real. I loved Kate Bosworth in that surfer movie (forgot the name) but she's changed a lot since. Nice blog! It's a lot different than the ones I've seen.

    I'm a new follower : ) I hope you check out and follow my blog too. Look forward to reading more posts!

  2. Hi Jonesy, yes that's a real picture of Kate Bosworth. Thanks for the compliments on my blog! I'll definitely check out yours as well!

  3. This is so funny! I only follow three blogs and two are yours!

    oh, FYI- Kate Bosworth has Sectoral Heterochromia- it is a little different than regular heterochromia and a lot more rare. My son randomly has the same thing (we had to see three different specialists because no one knew what the heck it was) I guess it is 1 in a million chance and there might be gene from Swedish royalty (pretty random! probably inbreeding or something! how sad)

  4. Jamie, thank you!

    And wow, you're like the Heterochromia expert. I get what you're saying, only the bottom half of her one eye is a different color. I appreciate you telling me. Now, go to Sweden and claim your throne!!