Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fat Kids Need Love Too.

Happy Hump day everyone. We're half-way to the weekend. Aren't you excited??!!! *crickets* Well, let's just move on then. The weather in Gay Head Massachusetts is partly cloudy with scattered showers and a high of 53 degrees today. Traffic on the 405 is bumper to bumper, so you'll have plenty of time to think about whether today is a good day for you to come out of the closet or not.

In the news, San Jose, California has banned restaurants from giving away toys with kids' meals. So that kids won't be tempted to eat high caloric meals at fast food places. And now Santa Clara County is following suit. What? No Happy Meal toys?! But where will I get my Burger King Twilight crown?!! WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN?!!!!!

Source: foxnews

This is discrimination, I'm sure of it! Parent's should have the right to want fat kids. Because fat kids are harder to kidnap.

In serious news, it appears I've been wrong about Jamie Campbell-Bower. It turns out he's not gay after all.

Well you know, sometimes it's hard to tell. Wearing eye make-up, drinking tea, taking baths, etc. and you think all signs point to --> gay. But actually all those things could just mean they're British.

So, it looks like Ginny Weasley Bonnie Wright and Caius Jamie Campbell-Bower are headed to the altar.


Congrats Bonnie on your upcoming wedding to a heterosexual British guy that likes to wear eye makeup!

True Blood Fans, I've got a little treat for you! Not only did they release a new picture...

But True Blood is also doing 6 mini episodes before Season 3 begins June 13th. Here's the first mini episode, for your viewing pleasure:

And now gentle viewers, it's that time in our mornings we call WTF!!!!!


You know, when you've got an itch, you've got an itch. That guy's like MacGyver. Turning an ordinary pole into a butt-scratching apparatus. Hey large man with the itchy butt... I'd recommend Cottonelle wet wipes next time you use the potty. That should solve your itching problem. And save that poor pole the embarrassment next time.

That's all the time I have for today, folks. Meet someone new today and practice your random acts of kindness. But before I go, I need you to chew on this...

-OMG Facts


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  1. Aahh, what would I do without my Ginger Snaps in the Morning (afternoon)! You ALWAYS make me *at least* chuckle, and very often, gasp. Love ya!