Tuesday, March 2, 2010

We're Gay. Ask Us How!

It's Spank and Ginger in the morning. The weather in Gay, Georgia is currently 50 degrees, not that there's anything wrong with that. Traffic on the 405 is bumper to bumper because the good folks of Gay like to tap that ass.

Hey Spank. You feeling gay today?

I'm very happy indeed. *winks*

Why you so happy today?

I'm Spank, what's not to be happy about.

You want to know why I'm happy?

Because it was 108 degrees at Mr. G's place of business today?

YES!!! AND because Mr. G is watching a screening copy of that movie at work today. I'm going to make him take notes.

*coughs* Jasper on a horse. *coughs*

Don't worry. I wrote down all your movie requirements in order for you to stay in this gay mood and I'll grille Mr. G when he gets home.

I don't ask for much.

Uh huh... I've got your list right here.
1. Jasper on a horse in uniform
2. Jasper being changed by Maria
3. Jasper being a bad-ass vamp in Mexico
4. Jasper training the wolves
5. Jasper's scars

Did I miss anything?

That oughta do it.

Speaking of vampires, did you see this pic of Klutz pumping gas?

Source: SplashNewsOnline

His beard is looking a bit Spencer Prattish.

He is starting to have a creepy flesh-colored beard. What I want to know is, why in the H...E... Double Hockey Sticks is he holding a bowl of fruit while he pumps gas?

Fruit can be gassy.

I thought that was veggies.

Fruits and vegetables. Tomato, tomahto.

Well I try to play it safe, so I avoid both. Speaking of gas, apparently this airline gives out lottery tickets to it's passengers. Well one passenger who won $15,000 was a little upset he couldn't get his money mid-flight. So you know what he did?

He sued them?


Source: foxnews.com

I wonder if the ticket was rich in flavor.

I wonder if he ate it straight up, or washed it down with some chianti and fava beans.

I think a lottery ticket goes better with a nice hollandaise sauce.

Probably so. Hey Spank did you see the pics from the "Remember Me" premiere?

Source: Popsugar

What is Claire doing off the island?

I wouldn't stand so close to Claire if I were Rob. I mean, who knows when she's going to go all Rousseau on him and axe him.

He's a vampire, Ginger. An axe wouldn't make a dent.

Good point. I forgot about that. For a moment I was thinking he was a socially awkward Brit who doesn't like to wash his hair. Oops, did I just say that out loud?

That's just his cover.

Good cover. Oh hey, how about a WTF moment?

Source: dlisted

They look very gay and by gay I don't mean happy.

Yeah I think that's a completely different kind of Yoga class than the one I go to.

Ginger you don't take Yoga.

True, but if I did, I bet it wouldn't be like that.

I wonder if it's like Legos, you know how the pieces lock together. o_O

I'd imagine it would be hard to stand up together like that.

*laughs like Beavis* You said hard.


I am hard-pressed to continue so let's go get a stiff drink and leave these folks something to swallow:

Do Dutch people always split the bill?



  1. Thank you ladies this made my morning ill be walking around smiling, thinking to myself lottery tickets for lunch...mmmm sounds nice :).....Crystal


    Wonder if the lottery ticket guy will be cashing it in later. EW!

  3. That lottery winner is an idiot. #thatisall

    and why is Claire off the island? shes probably trying to recruit Edward.

  4. That picture of the naked dudes... I just don't know what to say. What possible explanation could they have for that??? Wow.

    And I'm less worried about Kellan's beard as I am about the weird color his hair has taken on these days. It's a very odd color. He states he's a natural blonde, but honey... I don't think you're really THAT shade of blonde! I actually prefer him as a brunette. :)

  5. All I have to say is, I think Island Rousseau-ish Claire can take emo Edward. She's way more badass than him. #badass

    And I want to be the first to point out that there was a lot of gayness today - as lot of hot dog love - and NO eye candy!!! C'mon girls - there are some damn hot gay men out there - oh wait.... you did throw in gaymett. Next time zoom in on the hard nipple. ;-)

  6. Deep thinks its kinda cute that we have all this rampant gayness following Supermassive Black holes.

    Deep also thinks its funny that @Heather zoomed in on GayMett's hard nipple.

    Deep thinks it's very cool to talk about himself in the third person today; as well.



  7. Heather thinks that Deep has deep psychological issues.

    Heather also thinks that Deep is hilarious for pointing out the super massive black holeness coupled with the gayness and the cummingness of the gay line dance. #notwhatbillyraycyrusdoes #wellmaybebutthatsnastytothinkabout

    Heather agrees that talking in the third person is awesome and makes her feel like the queen. Heather also needs someone to scratch her ass, just like a queen.

  8. Heather and Deep you are killing me! KILLING ME!!!