Friday, March 12, 2010

The Spank Show!

*runs into the room and grins* Well hello everyone. As you can see, Ginger isn't here today. She's off somewhere doing something with someone so I am here to bring you the information you REALLY want to know about. That's right. I'm not throwing a dog a bone, I'm giving you... RATHBONE! *blows my trumpet and smirks* You know Jackson Rathbone can play the trumpet, right? Mmhmm. I know, I know... I wanna blow his "trumpet" too. *batum bum*


...and, let's get a check on the weather!

The weather in Jackson Hole, Wyoming is currently 30 degrees because Jackson's not IN Jackson Hole. If he were, it would be a lot hotter there. Traffic on the 405 is bumper to bumper because apparently there are 100 monkeys are blocking the intersection.

I'd like to propose a new series here on the Spank and *realizing there is no Ginger and I can do what I want ... clears my throat* I present to you, Before They Were Stars...!

Jackson Rathbone,Jackson Rathbone,childhood photo,childhood photo

Turns out, Jackson Rathbone wants a Factory and I want to be his "Factory Worker" ifyouknowwhatimean...

Moving on to Celebrity News, it seems everyone in Hollywood has action figures, even when they do nothing but brood. Not Jackson "J-Action" Rathbone. He has TWO action figures for TWO different movies *coughs* unlike a certain Brit-boy who has 15 different dolls for the same character because he's lame *coughs*

Jackson Rathbone,Sokka,Last Airbender

You know my Pocket Spank is SO gonna be playing with Pocket Sokka while Pocket Jasper is out hunting on my son's Little People Animal Farm.

And that brings us right to our WTF moment of the day and, really, there is no more WTF than this right here. Why? Because WTF?! That. Is. Not. SPANK!

Jackson Rathbone

*puts down the eye-bleach* Okay, I think we need something to get that image out of our head and what better than some good ole' eye-candy. Are you sitting down? No. I'll wait... *plays elevator music* Okay, good. I present to you, the definition of F*ckHawt:

Jackson Rathbone

That cannot be topped (though I'd like to get on top of that) so let's leave on a high note *coughs* 4:20 *coughs* Now I want to make sure you all get your Team Jasper jersey's before the Eclipse premiere, and please support that band of monkeys by visiting and purchasing their tunes at 100 Monkeys today!

There's so much I gave you to ponder, truly, but what I really want you to think about is this:

Is it any wonder that the vampire with the largest bat and biggest balls is the one who cockily said that he can handle that?

- Spankisms


  1. he was adorable as a child!

    and yes, he is HAWT #thatisall

  2. Here's to hoping we have lots of Jacksper in Eclipse! I want to see the horse riding too!!! :)
    Yay Spank! Good solo post! :)

  3. I have to say Spanky I do not appreciate insulting THE Brit.
    However i have to agree that he is hot... and was so cute as a child!

  4. I knew this would happen in my absence! I suppose it's only fair. We're even now right? RIGHT??!!!!!

  5. Ummm...Who is Jackson Rathbone?

  6. LOVE that theres 100 monkeys blocking the intersection.

    i play trumpet too; did you know?