Monday, March 8, 2010

Monkey Love

It's Spank and Ginger in the morning. The weather in Monkey Jungle, Florida is currently 77 degrees, primately comfortable conditions for tree swinging. Traffic on the 405 is bumper to bumper because there's a barrel of monkeys trying to cross the road.

Is there seriously a town called Monkey Jungle in Florida?

I can't make this stuff up, Ginger. Well, I can but I don't.

*snicker* Hey Spank, did you watch the Oscars?

No I prefer to watch Felix. Oh you're not talking about The Odd Couple, are you?

Actually I was speaking of the award show. You weren't by chance working for TMZ, were you?

I spank the monkey, Ginger -- not the academy.

Ahhh, just wondered if you moonlighted or something. I certainly think you're capable of spanking the academy, but let's move on to the news. A man killed his ex-girlfriend over a Facebook photo with a new man.

Damn, he couldn't just express his displeasure of seeing her new beau on his Facebook wall?

They don't have an "unlike" button. Maybe she should've just stuck to Twitter.

So he could hashtag her to death?

Exactly. Speaking of hashbrowns, apparently Chris Weitz says the tent scene in Eclipse will be very steamy.


How does he know?

I think he has an in with the David Slade who had a cameo in New Moon, or he read the book. *thinks about this* Yeah, he's in like Flynn with Slade.

Or maybe he was just talking about steam. You know, the result of something hot in a tent vs. the cold outside?

*nodding* I'll tell you what's hot OUTSIDE the tent -- that's right, Jasper Whitlock. Mmhmm *goes to my happy place*

That reminds me... I might have possibly taken advantage of your absence on Friday by featuring a certain Nathan Fillion.

And I understand you may be out one day this week? *starts planning my revenge*

Uh, yes, I'll be out this Friday. *slightly worried* Uh, uh... I'd like to make amends by making a peace offering.

He makes me want to put on my Catholic schoolgirl uniform and major in Potions.

I can totally see the appeal. I do.

Hey, WTF!!!!


He looks like a flying monkey with oompa loompa's filling in as blowhards.

I was thinking they were praying to the angel of certain doom, but I'll have to go with you on this one.

You can ponder that or you can ponder this:

Why do they report power outages on TV?

As promised I will now announce the winner of our drawing... who gets to pick one book from the "Spank and Ginger Recommends" list on our sidebar.

And the winner is....

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  1. O comments???

    now theres a WTF moment if I've ever seen one.

    Never fear; good ladies; Deep is HERE!!!

    Oscars? didnt watch. Didn't HAVE to watch; as there was a continuous livetweet of the event. KStew(pid) looked HAwT; for uh once. Girl cleans up nice. Unfortunately since I follow mostly Twi-Tards...I saw nothing of the event but Tay-Tay; RobTard and Kristen. *le sigh*.

    I havent seen Avatar; though I did "avatarize" myself thanks to Gingie. *winks* no seriously. I did. I'm a sexy Blue canadian. Like @NathanFillion

    Ginger; dahhhling?? I loved Firefly. #browncoat all the way. That PG porn clip was great. But putting up such a devotion to @NathanFillion leaves the door WIDE-freakin'-open for an #epic Bad Hair Day on the Spank show. Dead Animals and Constipation shall abound..I can see it already.

    Alan Ryckman has the most musical voice I've ever heard. Snape's a greasy dude; but I actually liked the character in the books; and as he's portrayed in the movies too.

    *le sighs again*

    Just realized why I hate being the first to comment....theres just the nude torso of Alex shampooing his bits right in the corner of my eye.

    AHA!! if I scroll just a little; it gets rid of most of the pic...ah crap....still see bits being shampooed. *head desk*

    What's up with the flying dude with the pink dudes on the motorbike? Actually looks like a lot of fun.

    Okay; I'm off to bed.

    Ladies? I'll see you in the morning for tomorrow's post.


  2. Deep! Thanks for saving the day and keeping us from having 0 comments. LOL. *staring at the lurkers*
    I know, I know, I totally left it wide open for The Spank Show. I too see bad hair and constipation in the very near future. Yay for another Nathan Fillion fan! Bam, said the lady.