Thursday, March 4, 2010

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

It's Spank and Ginger in the morning. The weather in Finger, Tennessee is currently 28 degrees and the whole city is wearing gloves. Traffic on the 405 is bumper to bumper so give the finger salute to that the person driving under the speed limit.

Top of the morning to you Spank.

Middle of the afternoon to you Ginger.

You know, I had a very hard time yesterday convincing Mr. Ginger to give me all the movie details.

Did you have to take him to Intercourse, Pennsylvania to get the deets?

That would've worked. But instead I kept using my iGun iPhone App on him. Repeatedly. With different guns. While he was driving. That wore him down and he finally spilled the details.

And you are telling our readers this why? Seeing as you aren't going to tell them and they can neither take you to Intercourse, Pennsylvania nor shoot you with their iGun App?

Oh I guess I'm just rubbing it in their faces.

So you've been reading How to Make Friends and Influence People, I see? *winks*

Yep! How did you know? Though I will say Mr. G said it's extra sappy. (that coming from a guy who never read the books and never will) And lots and lots of kissing!

Great. *rolls my eyes* The only book with any action (thanks to Jasper Whitlock Hale) and a dude walks away from the movie saying it's sappy.

You know he said Jasper kicks @ss in this movie. (while still managing to look constipated) Summit really should splurge on some Metamucil for the poor guy.

It does not surprise me that he kicks-ass. He is the only vampire in that family with any balls, not to mention a very large bat.

I agree with you on that. Speaking of large bats, they're saying obese children are showing signs of heart disease.

Source: bbc news

I wonder how many years of research and dollars were spent to state the obvious?

Yeah but there's some benefits to having a fat kid.

Oh this I've gotta see.

o_O Gingy, Ima gonna let you take the hit for that one.

Come on... it's funny!

If you say so.

*rolls eyes* You know you're laughing on the inside.

Hey Spank, have you heard of that new reality/game show called "The Marriage Ref"?

No, but I am sure many marriages need a referee.

Oh NBC did pick referees/relationship mediators.


I really can't think of better choices as mediators than people who couldn't stay married themselves.

All I had to see was Larry David and I'm sold. I can't Curb My Enthusiasm for Larry. Hell, I'd marry him.

*looks at you alarmingly* You're a fan of Cyndi Lauper, right?

Hell to the no.

What do you mean NO?

You see my True Colors shining through.

She is all kinds of awesomesauce! Except when she's channeling Medusa. Just don't look her directly in the eyes.


She bop - he bop - a - we bop into an electrical socket...

Signs say yes. Hey Spank, I think it's high time we do some eye candy for our readers, don't you think?

*braces myself for the worst*

*smirks* Today we have a double feature. Yeah that's right. TWO pics for the price of one...

Oh sweet Jesus.

I swear I almost passed out yesterday when I was thumbing through my People Magazine and saw that second picture.

*mouth dropped, eyes popped, counting the beads of water dripping down his perfect form, looks up* I'm sorry, did you say something?

Nope. Just staring at his perfect nose. And the way he's looking at me.

He's looking at me, Ginger but whatevs...

Yeah sure he is. *shakes head no*

*ignoring you, staring at the ripples in his stomach, says dismissively* You may as well end this post because *smiles at Josh Holloway* Uhh, yeah... I'm done.

Says you. He's taking me on a trip to Intercourse, PA this weekend.

*nodding, smiling*

Hey Spank, WTF!!!!


And I thought I had a sh*tload of bunnies.

*staring at Josh Holloway, turns and sees a bunny in the toilet* Aww, cute... is that yours?

Well obviously I've rendered Spank incapable of discourse at the moment. So on that note, we'll leave you with this to ponder:

Whose cruel idea was it for the word "lisp" to have an "s" in it?

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  1. I want "The Power of Cool" on my ceiling above the bed....

    *looking for the tape*

  2. @Nikowa - just don't use Wolf Pack Packing Tape. We tried, it doesn't work (just like the wolves themselves). ;)

  3. That second picture of Josh sort of resembles Vampire Eric... either way, totally hot!!! Wow. Maybe I should start watching Lost?

    As far as Eclipse goes, I think most guys are already ruined of the whole Twilight idea anyway before they even go into the movie. Especially Mr. G, husband to a total Twihard. I'm not suprised he thought it was sappy. Doesn't mean that we won't love it though!

  4. *shaking head and muttering*

    Ya know; I'm not sure why Guys give Twilight a bad Rap. It's a good story; and who in their right minds doesnt like a little passion and romance?? Really? theres vampires and werewolves; fights and dead animals sitting on peoples heads. Its Got EVERYTHING!!

    Josh Holloway? who is that? oh; so schmuck from Lost??

    yeah; still havent seen that show.

    Spank; make you a deal; I'LL see Lost when you see Buffy. Deal?

    Extension of the WTF moment...

    did you know that sundried blueberries are referred (in professional kitchens) as "bunny poo"?? just thought I'd share that. *shrugs*

    so whats that cartoon supposed to be suggesting? that he's gotta poo on a bunny? or is this some sorta sick-@$$ japanese rodentia-up-the-bum thing??

  5. cant;sd typ;e sawyer toosd hott omg

    Wow - girls, please warn me when it's a REAL eye candy pic. One-handed typing is so unladylike!

    Now, some me time.

  6. Lmao on the pooping rabbit, that must have been some effort for the kid.
    Josh is hot, who needs gas central heating with you girls around wheew.
    Ok I can't think of anything else to say except to stare at Josh.