Friday, March 5, 2010

The Ginger Show!

Hey guys! Spank is strung out on Vicodin. Something about a party... or maybe it was neck pain, I can't remember. I did try to remind her that sharing is caring, but apparently her "caring" has limits. So ladies and gentle viewers, I'm a one woman show today!

Oh yeah, I can run this thing by myself. You guys like Nathan Fillion, right? I thought so. *wink*

The weather today in Edmonton, Alberta (Nathan Fillion's hometown) has morning snow showers with a high of 35 degrees Fahrenheit. Yes I understand silly Canadians use Celsius, but I don't. And I'm running the show today. *curtsy* Traffic on the 405 is bumper to bumper and chances are Nathan Fillion is stuck in that traffic as well.

You know, they now believe that famed French philosopher René Descartes did not die of natural causes as they once thought. They now believe he was given an arsenic-laced communion wafer by a Priest who considered him a heretic.

Source: guardian

Which reminds me of another murderous Priest. (played by Nathan Fillion)

Yeah the Slayer made julienne preacher out of him.

Speaking of murderous priests, computer tests prove that Handwriting Analysis really does work in identifying people.

Source: abcnews

They also say you can tell a lot about people by their handwriting. Let's do an analysis of Nathan Fillion's handwriting.

I submitted that photo to a handwriting specialist *cough* and they concluded that the handwriting means Nathan Fillion is: Ruggedly Handsome.

I know you guys must be tired of hearing about Nathan Fillion *shakes head no* so we'll move on. Did you know, that Porn Star Mary Carey, who ran against Arnold Schwarzenegger for Governor of California, auctioned off her breast implants when she had them replaced with bigger breast implants? Her thought was that she could use the money for breast cancer research. *shakes head* And here I was thinking she should've made a neck pillow out of them.


Speaking of Porn... have you checked out James Gunn's PG Porn featuring Nathan Fillion? What? No, you say? Well consider today your lucky day.

Speaking of nailing people's wives, have you heard the rumor that tattoos lead to skin cancer? Well that's bull honkey. And this here article proves it. *wonders when I became Appalachian*


So go out there and cover yourselves up with tattoos. You know who has a tattoo? Nathan Fillion.

Hey! How about some eye candy!!

Do we have time for a WTF moment? Ah, who am I kidding? You guys can't stop me even if you wanted to. I'm on fire! for Nathan Fillion


You know, I don't really need an explanation for that picture. But I sure would like to play with his light saber.

Oh hey, it's time for me to stalk @NathanFillion on Twitter again that's all the time I have for today, so I'll leave you with this quote from Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog.

Give my regards to St Peter... or whoever does his job... but in hell.

-Captain Hammer (played by Nathan Fillion)

So, uh, Nathan Fillion... how did I do?


  1. I, for one, have thoroughly enjoyed todays Ginger & Nathan show!

  2. Well done Ginger get well Spank, feel better soon. Maybe Nathan can run his fingers over your neck and other places.
    Racked my brains, not hard, trying to fathom out where I saw him. At the shops last week perhaps? I jest!
    No of course Google found the answer, Adam the Ob Gyn from Desperate Housewives. Someone get me pregnant so he can deliver the wee bairn. Only joking.
    Why are all Canadians fawk hawt! like Paul Gross, geeze these guys are just moulded into beauty!
    Thanks for the man Candy, the priest Father Fillon did it for me lol! Descarte poisoned by a priest. I am saying nothing!
    TTFN xxx

  3. OMG!

    The next time YOU pass out at 7:30 p.m. and sleep for TWELVE HOURS I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO giving my dissertation on why Jasper is the most IMPORTANT character of the Twilight series AND I will wax poetic on Jackson's dimples... and hand... God, those hands... and his eyes... *closes my eyes and smiles, snaps back to reality* You. Just. WAIT!

  4. LOL - Has Spank been out cheating on your blog with some Cream Pies? ;)

    Funny entry even if I don't see the appeal of Captain Hammer, biggest superhero boob. Go NPH!

    Did I miss who won the drawing?

  5. LOL... guess I need to brush up on my Nathan Fillion shows... I don't think I've ever seen one! :)
    Good show though Ginger!

  6. Guys, in my excitement about getting the chance to do a Nathan Fillion post while Spank was passed out, I completely forgot about the drawing. (I know, I know) I will do the drawing on Sunday and announce the winner Monday!

    Spank, tee hee.

  7. Janet aka luvmydautrMarch 5, 2010 at 11:09 AM

    What can I say, you have just made my Friday, and probably the rest of the month! You know how I feel about Nathan! And I know you love him more, I remember that whole light saber duel thing. Anyway, this was the BEST Spank & Ginger show. I may have to read it again & again & so on. I am so sorry about Spank, I hope she's feeling better.

  8. mmm, nice tattoo :)

  9. Sorry, Spank doesn't feel well but if it'll get us more Ginger and Nathan shows maybe you should keep her supplied with Vicodin. Thanks for the the great post and all the eye candy.

    Who's Jasper? (ducking for cover and laughing)

  10. Deep LOVES canadian Content.

    Deep loves that Andrea loves canadians. (yes we are ALL f*ckhawt)

    Deep went to college in Edmonton. It sucks there; $h*tty hockey team; $h*ttier weather. Deep doesnt recommend visiting Edmonton; not even for @NathanFillion.

    Deep has seen Marey Carey on the boob tube. oddly enough; NOT while *cough* acting.

    okay; nuff of deep talking about myself in the third person..I was annoying myself.

    Rene Descartes was a drunken Fart I drink therefore I am...

    *happy sigh* ANY excuse to pull out the Python. Full Monty.

    I mean Monty Python. *nods yes*

    Love ya girls!! Hope I didnt miss the commentators queue!!