Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Gay Hair

Happy Tuesday everyone! The weather in Dildo, Newfoundland, Canada is a cheery 37 degrees. Who am I kidding? I'm glad I don't live in Dildo. 37 DEGREES!!! The traffic on the 405 is bumper to bumper so you have plenty of time to think about who named that town and why they haven't renamed it by now.

In the news today, a man was arrested for stabbing a fellow moviegoer in the neck with a meat thermometer.


Source: apnews.com

Which begs the question... why did that guy bring a meat thermometer with him to the movie theater? And... what was he expecting the thermometer to read? Speaking of things I don't want to think about...


Source: popeater.com

And I must ask Ted Gibson and the universe... WHY would I want Kate Gosselin's hair? WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Sorry, I got a little distracted. Now I enjoy a good butt grab as much as anyone else, but Gerard Butler brings it to a whole new level. Holy Goose Batman!!!


Source: tmz.com

Kind of brings it to a whole new level, doesn't it? Kudos to Jennifer, because if some guy grabbed me like that, I would've jumped, camera or no camera.

In news-that-we-already-knew, Ricky Martin admits he's gay.


Source: justjared

No freakin' way. Next thing we know, they're going to tell us Vin Diesel is gay.


Oh hey. That was not nice, at all. *covers mouth in surprise* It's not nice to push people out of the closet before they are ready.

Hey, WTF!!!


Source: pictureisunrelated.com

Can you imagine how awesome that would be if our military pulled out guns that shot bubbles at the bad guys?

Then the bad guys would say, "oh, pretty bubbles!" and the military could open fire with real bullets. Bet they wouldn't see that coming.

And that's all the time I have for today. Before I leave, ponder this:

"A whale's penis is called a 'Dork'."

-OMG facts



  1. WAIT you're telling me RICKY MARTIN IS le ghey?!



    glad you're carrying on the torch and blogging on your own!


  2. So, Jennifer Aniston is a puppet and that's where her secret control center is?

    That is a rather unusual place to grab a girls butt, especially in public.

    Maybe he was tapping morse code and wanted to make sure she got the message...;-)

    Glad your back, I missed your wit.

  3. Thanks Moon!!! xoxo

    NJRae, LMAO... that's Jennifer Aniston's control center?! Bwahahaha!

    Ashley, I'm afraid so.

  4. Dang Gerard Butler was all up in that (like he probably hasn't been there before anyways), but geez...OK, I bet she liked it.