Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Full of Sheeot

It's Spank and Ginger in the morning. The weather in Boomers, Florida, is currently 74 degrees, so expect to an explosion of activity from the elderly in your area. Traffic on the 405 is bumper to bumper as there is a gridlock of Baby Boomers escape their parents' in their retirement communities.

As a Florida Native, let me just say I have no idea why the elderly flock there. Hello bugs & humidity! Speaking of hot, how are you doing this morning, my friend?

Hot? *glares at you* Are you insinuating that I'm full of hot air?

Uh no, I was speaking of your physical appearance. *nervous, wide eyed* Uh... this is something that you might find interesting... The BBC did a poll and almost 4 in 5 people worldwide believe internet access is a fundamental right, just like access to water.

Source: bbc news

I have gone without water and I have gone without the Internet. I can find something else to drink.

Amen sister. We're obviously in the 4 out of 5 category. Those 1 out of 5 people can stay in their caves with their gas lamps and outhouses. You know what outhouses remind me of Spank?

That scene in the beginning of Slumdog Millionaire?

Never saw that movie. Should I?

Hale yes you should. It's an incredible film. But the beginning is full of shit. #literally

I'll add it to my queue then. And I'll keep that beginning part in mind. Outhouses actually remind me of the brown sludge that goes in them, which remind me of Jon Gosselin. Did you know Playgirl made him an offer for $20,000 to go nude? When he thought that wasn't enough, they said they'd pay him an additional $10,000 per every inch of his hee haw above 4 inches. (which they still think comes out to $20,000)


We get to see him being a prick every day, why would anyone think we want to actually see his prick?

My thoughts exactly! Why would anyone want to see that? Speaking of... I've been trying to resist believing the truth in it, but the Kate Gosselin DWTS Promo pics have been released. I can deny it no further.

Can she two-step on outta of the public eye now, please?

Seriously. Oh and break a leg, Kate. No really, please break a leg.

Hey, WTF!!!


What's the real violation here? Is it that man's ass or what's coming out of the bull's ass?

I think that gives new meaning to silent but deadly.

Funny we started with outhouses and we're ending with bullshit. Get it? Bull shit? *hears crickets* Um, well whaddya think about this then?

Why do they say "an alarm going off," if it is really going on?


  1. Ginger u should really see Slumdog #bestmovierever
    Jon Gosselin in playgirl? #theworldisending

  2. Dead God! That's a big pile of shit!
    haven't seen slumdog either... *sighs*
    Jon + Kate +100000000 should really get a life, far far far from us and media.

  3. Wow Jamaican Princess, #bestmovieever? Between you and Spank I'm definitely going to see it.

    I have no interest in seeing Jon Gosselin in PlayGirl, but I hope he's ridiculed endlessly for it if he does it.

  4. Deep just thinks it's cute that Jon and Kate just cant get out of the public eye. Keep the PUBES out of the eye though; PLEASE. *shudders*

    I'm sorry; and I know I'm gonna take flak for this; but I kinda think Kate's pretty hawt. *shrugs* she's had 8 (count 'em EIGHT) friggin kids; sure a couple plastic surgeries; but she looks pretty damn good. Deep would go there.

    Haven't seen SlumDog either. Is it a movie all about the wolves from Twilight? THAT would explain the smell; anyway.

    Bulls? What is it with bulls anyway? do they really make such great art? I do like seeing the bullfighters get theirs though. Nothing better than a matador with a horn in his @$$.

  5. Deep, did you just say you'd go there with Kate Gosselin? *so shocked I can't even think of some witty comeback*

  6. *stands defiant*

    yes Gingie; and is there something wrong with that?? Look at the girl in that Dress! legs all the way to the ground. *shrugs* She's not bad; I'm serious! I wouldnt go there; for real; but I'll look at her when shes dancing.