Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Devil Is In The Details

It's Spa... uh, Ginger in the morning. Spank is having a little PC trouble #shoulddaboughtamac so I'm flying solo today. You know what that means... I CAN DO WHAT I WANT!!

The weather today in fictional Sunnydale, CA is 76 degrees and sunny. Traffic on the 405 is bumper to bumper so you have plenty of time to figure out what real city Sunnydale was based on.

In the news, the Vatican's Chief Exorcist proclaimed that the devil is in the Vatican.

Source: timesonline

First of all, did you even know the Vatican had a Chief Exorcist? Cause I totally did. And, I thought the devil was at the Hellmouth, but if it's in the Vatican, let's send the Slayer! She's good at fighting unholy men.

Oh hey, is that Nathan Fillion again? Why yes, I believe it is! Speaking of ruggedly handsome men, the spike in Prius complaints may not all be legit.

Source: news.yahoo.com

But I don't drive a Prius, and I could care less about their spike in complaints. I'd much prefer to think about this Spike:

And now my gentle viewers it's time for a WTF moment...

Wh-wh-what? N-n-no... n-n-no y-you c-can't! wh-what are y-you even d-doing?

Buffy, you do not belong with that emo, brooding vampire with the gypsy soul curse.

Ahhhh.... much better. Don't you agree? (say yes)

And that's all the time I have for today. Hopefully Best Buy can fix Spank's computer #shoulddaboughtamac so she can be back tomorrow. But until then, I leave you this quote:

'You're a vampire. Oh, I'm sorry. Was that an offensive term? Should I say undead American?'

-Buffy Summers


  1. Ah yes, Buffy & Spike are much hotter than Buffy & Angel ever were... and I haven't even seen the entire series! It's just that easy to know though. :)

  2. Uhh, are we forgetting Buffy and Captain Eyebrows (Parker)? Oh yes, yes we are. Parker Bad.

  3. I just want to say that I have it on very good authority that Jackson Rathbone absolutely positively hates Macs and would have nothing to do with anyone who owned one. That is all...


  4. Now I want to spend the day curled up on the couch watching Buffy.

  5. Yes CurlyMoomin, Parker Bad, Beer Bad. ;)

    HappyGirlHair, great idea!!!

  6. Holy cow!! Deep can finally comment via the DeepBerry!!
    My day is complete. *sniff sniff*

    *flexing fingers (thumbs) and adjusting party rats*

    Ah..Buffy. You made Torrance errrr SUNNYDALE that much brighter. And evil-free. Well; relatively speaking. Relative to what I don't know.
    #shouldaboughtabetterPC I don't know; I have nothing but issues with every piece of technology I own. My damn DeepBerry camera still doesn't work. And I only dropped the damn thing once. *sigh*

    Holy He..*cough*

    I never knew the vatican had a Chief Exorcist. *i need a young priest; and an old priest*

    Huh. Things you learn at S&G.

    James MF Marsters is still the man. I don't care what spanky will say about the billy idol hair..he's a sexy man.
    Buffy should be a little evil-er herself though..little less cheerleader a little more slut. A la Cruel Intentions.
    Yeah! Love being able to make myself heard earlier in the day!!!!

  7. Beer is GOOD! thata girl buffy!

    i thought i gave you an ASSignment? *sheesh, muttering* can't rely on anyone...unless you're BUFFY!

    Spike....oooooooh Spike....
    "Come on, I can feel it, Slayer. You know you want to dance" ... when he said that...he said it to me! #justumsaying....

    i'm with you, bb! a day on the couch watching Buffy Seasons 1-7 (uh huh, looking at nails I've got them all on DVD) is a day in heaven! YES I said, HEAVEN!


    if u um wanted to dye your hair blone and wear a long black leather coat...i wouldn't complain...makay?

    Waves @Ginger!
    Loves you girl. ForeveraBTVSfantotheend!

  8. Yay Reely!!! I'm loving the Buffy love!!! @Deep, while Buffy's house and school are located in Torrance, CA Sunnydale itself is actually based on Santa Barbara, CA.

  9. @Reel! Um Hi BB!! *backing up covering butt* I just came back to carry out my ASSignment; when I saw that you'd beaten me to it!!

    ANYwho; see what I DID do??? I got Ginger to change the comment format so you can comment yourself!! Isn't that what a woman reely wants? Not a man to DO FOR her; but a man who enables her to do for HERSELF? I woulda never gotten the buffylove right. #wantedWillow #beforeshewasgay #wellaftertoo

    Love you girls!! Love my Reely!

  10. Oh and sweet Reely? I DO dye my hair blonde; and have a leather coat. #justsoyouknow

    *blows kisses and runs back to work*

  11. Me likey the Spikey! very very very very very very very very very much

    I also liked the semi-all about Buffy post