Thursday, March 11, 2010

Buffet Style

It's Spank and Ginger in the morning. The weather in Forest, Virginia is currently 47 degrees and sunny, which is perfect weather for treehuggers. Traffic on the 405 is bumper to bumper because you can't see the road through the trees.

Good morning Sunshine!

I went to a Pow-Wow this Native American dude called me Dark Cloud because it started raining as soon I got there. #justsayin

Wow, that's intense. Can I be the ying to your yang?

Sure. Good morning, Sunshine.

Good morning, Dark Cloud. Just read an article about 6 women who were hospitalized after botched Butt-enhancing procedures.


This is why they sell butt padding, ladies!

And there's no shame in having a #noassatall, right Spank? Not that I actually know what that's like. #ihaveenoughtospare

I imagine you need some sort of ass or else you'd be awfully constipated.

I had this friend in college who... *looks around* nevermind, this probably isn't the right time to discuss her #noassatall #peoplewithcolostomybagsneedlovetoo. Speaking of asses, Mickey Rourke says years ago, he had 14 women in one night.


Is that even possible?

Of course it's possible! There are many variations with which to achieve such a goal, such as... *looks around* Nevermind, this probably isn't the right time to discuss that.

What like a va-jay-jay buffet?

All you can eat.

I think I just threw up in my mouth a little. Speaking of throwing up, I think it's time for some eye candy for the guys. Here's Donatella Versace at the beach!


*smirks* Oh come on now! You KNOW her hair isn't really THAT blonde!

I don't know, Spank. She looks pretty natural to me. At least she's protecting her lips from the sun.

Hey, WTF!


Body condom?

Or for guys who can't keep their hands off their junk.

*thinking* Body bag? *shakes my head* I'd rather spend my time figuring this out:

Why is a women's prison called a penal colony?


  1. Hey; whats this about guys that cant keep their hands off their junk?? It's a fascination i guess. don't pretend like the girls dont do it too. *frowns*

    That sleeping bag is actually a pretty neat idea; I dont know how many times I've just "held it" when camping because its just too darn cold outside the tent. convenience is good. Give me convenience or give me death.

    Donatella Versace? OI. I'm not entirely sure how some of these people can be considered "style icons" when they look like that. I think it shows a lot more STYLE to simply age gracefully. and on another note...who does she think she's fooling? I mean really? when the boobs are way up there....the saggy skin at the tummy still gives it away. *shudders*

    Mickey.....*shaking head* I call bullshit; dude. 14 in one night? your peen would fall off. Likely from a disease.

    Penal Colony? I contemplated this too much I think. gonna stop now. kthxbaiiiii!!!

  2. Thank you Deep! I too think Micky Rourke is totally making that up! There's no freakin' way.