Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bioharzardous to your health

Spank's computer is still in the hospital so it looks like I'll be finishing the week on my own. Hopefully you all won't get too restless without her or I'll have to break out the dancing pony.

The weather today is Mianus, (pronounced my-anus) Connecticut is sunny with highs in the mid 60's. I could've told you it was sunny in Mianus but it's nice to be confirmed. Which reminds me... my son and I are studying ancient Greek Mythology and just read how Gaea (Mother Earth) gave birth to Uranus. I wonder if Gaea has ever traveled with Uranus to Mianus. On a little sidenote, I'm wondering if there are any good places to stay or good restaurants in Mianus. Now for the traffic, the 405 is bumper to bumper today, so now would be a good time to think of good Mianus jokes while you're sitting on Uranus.

Here is some interesting news I happened upon recently. A drunken woman who was arrested, squirted her breast milk at the Deputy.


Now the first thing I thought of was WHOA! Way cool! I never could do that myself. Just think of the fun you could have with that skill. Anyway, this lacta-shooting woman was charged with a felony assault charge with a bio-hazard. Breastmilk is considered a bio-hazard. You hear that lactating women? You're feeding your babies a bio-hazard. You should be ashamed! Actually if the woman is so good at expressing her bio-hazard, they should refer her to that NY Eatery so they can turn her bio-hazard into yummy cheese for everyone to enjoy. Not just the Deputy.

Speaking of yummy cheese, I used to like Heidi Klum. I loved her multicultural family, the devotion she and Seal have for each other and how they enjoy having a big family. That is, until I saw this picture and read what she had to say about it.


1. She drinks a glass of milk with dinner every night. When she's pregnant she drinks a liter of whole milk every day.

2. She didn't get stretch marks during her pregnancies and wasn't even moisturizing herself like a maniac.

3. She doesn't have to work hard for her figure after giving birth to four babies. She said people would be surprised at how little she exercises. The last time she ran on the treadmill was 6 weeks ago.

4. Sometimes she likes to eat a Big Mac. She loves them and loves chips too.

5. She's never gone on a diet to lose weight.

Ladies and gentle viewers, I think it's pretty clear now what we're dealing with. Heidi Klum is a demon. Cause she's certainly not human. Where's Buffy when you need her?

Speaking of times when you need Buffy....

Jesse James is a big fat poopy head.


How about some eye candy!!!

Awww yeah... let's show a little love for the fellas down under. I'm sure he's very skilled at being down under. WHAT? I'm talking about his survival skills while camping in Australia. O_o

Well everyone, that's all the time I have for today. Be good to each other, stay positive not because it is the right thing to do, but because it annoys everyone else around you. Before I go, I leave you with this thought to ponder...

If conjoined twins participate in sports, do they count as one or two players?


  1. Good morning to you dear Ginger. Its not nice being alone. Sending positive waves over to the hospital where they have Spanks computer. :)

    Honestly, what that woman did with her breast milk... I mean... I never had any kids but pls someone tell me.. if you squeeze the nipple, does the milk really stream out like the cows? Bwahaha! Oh dear.. *wiping away laugh tears*
    Careful with the bio hazard please!

    Heidi Klum is DEFINITELY a demon! If you cant find Buffy, I could lend you Dean! *wink*

  2. Chryssa, my greek goddess! I breast fed my oldest child and I could never shoot my milk out like that. She must have skillz. Oh yes, I hadn't thought of it. I bet Sam and Dean could take care of demon Klum too.

  3. I love it! I could totally spray breastmilk like that with my last little one. I'm hoping to hone my skills when this one is born! ;) Maybe I can go spray some of those jackasses in Washington with some of my "biohazard"!

  4. Watch Jason and the Argonauts the Original for fun filled adventures of Greek Mythology. There was no Mianus but there was Minos perhaps this was Mianus in disguse laughs!

    Greek Mythology is awesometastic!!!!!!!!! love, love Green Mythology,

  5. Editor, thank you! I'll check it out. We're reading Percy Jackson which has my son wanting to know all about Greek Mythology, which we are now studying. (homeschool)

  6. I was going in a different direction....

    HOORAY for BOOBIES!! I dont care if they squirt..not a biohazard; potentially delicious. MM...late night snack!

    I'm not gonna talk about Mianus.

    not commenting on wet mancandy either.

    Yay for the Demon Klum. I'm sticking my first comment to her too...hooray for boobs.

  7. lol on the weather report ^^

    Poor Sandra her husband should be burned at the stake

    Heidi Klum annoys meh, no exercise? I dont have kids and its hard for me to control my weight. maybe she is a demon....BUFFY!!!

  8. Scaarlet, you can take that show on the road! Maybe to fairs where you can spray the bullseye and get a prize! The possibilities are endless!