Monday, February 8, 2010

Throwing You A Bone

It's Spank and Ginger in the morning. The weather in Midland, Texas, hometown of Jackson Rathbone, is 50 degrees and partly cloudy. The weather in this area is perfect for *cough* good growth. Traffic on the 405 is bumper to bumper so may I suggest using this time to determine his exact measurements, to scale.

Courtesy of @sbgdgt

Uh... Spank, isn't that just a crease in his pants?

If by crease in his pants you mean his ginormous member for whom I would like to publicly thank @HolyGod, then yes.

*cough, crease, cough* Hey so apparently the president of South Africa is a sex addict. Are we surprised by this?

Source:bbc news

*cough* Hung like a horse *cough* Wow, what's the deal with people's preoccupation with sex? *eyes glance back up to look at JBoner*

*rolls eyes* Speaking of boners, Spank you know how everyone in Facebook has been switching their profile pics to their celebrity dopplegangers, right?

Yes. I did not partake in this trend, however, as I am a Twilebrity.

Did you just make up that word?

Is it made up if I said it? *shakes head no*

Good point. Anywho, the Facebook trend inspired Popeater to find the celebrity dopplegangers of celebrities. Some of the ones they matched up were really amazing how they resembled each other.

But one match-up they made I thought was totally ridiculous. Ed *vomit* Westick is a doppleganger to Robert Pattinson? WTH?

Come on. Everyone knows that Rob Pattinson is the spitting image of Cedric Diggory.

You know, I never really thought about that. You're brilliant, Spank!

And people think I phone this stuff in.

But you do and that just shows the level of your genius that you come up with these off the top of your head.

*points to myself and whispers* genius.

*singing* I am the wind beneath your wings...

*flutters my wings*

Speaking of wings, I decided to run this celebrity doppleganger face-scan thing on to see who was MY celebrity doppleganger. You wanna know who it picked as my #1 doppleganger?

Can I guess? I'm going to go with Rachel Welch.

Condoleezza Rice

WOW! And Beyonce?! I may have to start hating you now.

So naturally, I decided to run your mug through the site to see who YOUR doppleganger was. Any guesses?

*grumbles* I knew this was coming. I am going to go with Wonder Woman.

Laura Bush!!! You know what this means, don't you?

First of all, of ALL the pictures you could use, you choose THAT one. *shakes my head* Horrid. Secondly, Matt Lauer? Seriously? I am not even acknowledging Laura Bush. I just am not going to do it. *stomps my feet* MOVE. ON.

WHAT? This is important! This means you and I are in the same Cabinet! Don't you see? It means you and I are destined to be together no matter what. It's written in the stars!

Way to turn it around, G. This is why I'm your sidekick. *rolls my eyes, grumbling* Laura Bush...

And you think I like the site telling me my doppleganger is Condoleezza Rice?

I don't know but Rain should be Laura Bush. She's like an internet librarian.

Oh yeah I'm sure she'd love that. *snicker* Still totally weird we're in the same Cabinet. What are the odds? Next thing you know, we're going to adopt kids from the same country!

Been there, done that. *winks*

Speaking of been there, done that... How about a WTF moment?


That's a whole new way to give head.

Maybe she wanted a shower?

Golden shower, anyone? And with that, our dear friends, we leave you with this important point to ponder:

If people with one arm go to get their nails done, do they pay half price?


  1. Cool celeb look alikes.

    To me, Ginger looks like Holly Marie Combs and Spank looks like Minnie Driver. Where did Matt Lauer come from?

    Rain should be Laura Bush? LOL.

  2. I'll take Holly Marie Combs over Condi Rice, Brandon. Don't get me wrong, I actually like Condi but I don't think I look like her. I have no idea where Matt Lauer came from. LMAO!

  3. ME? LAURA BUSH? SPANK?! If you must know, my closest match was Hermione Granger, or Emma Watson. So, I guess I'm still a bookish nerd, but I'm not in THAT cabinet! (And I get to snog with Ron *sticks tongue out at G*) Smooches girls!

  4. Good points to ponder, ladies! I was just here for the bone you threw me, but thanks for bringing the rest of this interesting stuff to my attention as well :)

  5. OMG Rain! I SWEAR on the lil Spanks I actually choked on my coffee. Why? Because I HEAR your voice saying what you just wrote... and. I. can't. stop. LAUGHING! <3 U!