Friday, February 5, 2010

This post is da bomb!

It's Spank and Ginger in the morning. The weather in Washington, DC is 36 degrees with heavy snow but of course this being Washington, I could be lying about that. Traffic on the 405 is bumper to bumper due to the endless government programs blocking your ability to move freely.

Morning Spank.

Thank you for leaving out the good, Ginger. Morning to you as well.

You know how we plan to get matching tattoos?

You're getting "I felt hope" tattooed right above your hoo-ha too? *snickers*

Uh yeah. *shakes head no* I'm talking about our matching Twitter tattoos.

Oh yeah, that one. *shakes head no*

So I was thinking maybe we could get each other's Twitter IDs tattooed, or possibly something like this...

Shouldn't the Twitter bird should be on the bottom of our feet so we can stomp on it when it inevitably fails?

Great idea! Or we can just get this tattoo:

*fist balling up with rage* That damn whale mocks me with his smile.

Ohkay maybe we should stick with the twitter birds. Moving on, did you know female suicide bombers are now getting explosive breast implants?


This gives new meaning to the term explosive sex.

Can you imagine? A girl walks into a building and yells, "Okay, you better submit to my demands, or my boobs are gonna asplode on you!"

People would probably just think she's a new mother who is lactating and delirious from exhaustion.

*shudder* Speaking of explosive boobs...


Look out, she's gonna blow (any guy in the room).

Now that's a woman who knows when to say when with plastic surgery. Heidi, take notes!
Hey did you know Mr. Ginger worked on a movie she was in?

No, I did not. Has he been checked for airborne communicable diseases?

Thankfully he didn't get too close, but he did give her the "most unattractive celebrity in real life" award.

He should have his own award ceremony.

I think that's a great idea! Speaking of award ceremonies... Holy eyebrows, Batman!


*raises my brow... tries harder... holds them up with my fingers* Damn. *tries again* Hmm.

I think that takes special skill. I don't even think I can recreate that. Speaking of, let's discuss today's WTF moment. I can't seem to make head or tails of this:


He's hung like a horse.

Indeed he is. Well gentle viewers, that's all the time we have for today. Have a razzle dazzle weekend and we'll see you Monday. Before we go, we leave you with this parting thought...

Can a person choke and die on a life savor?


  1. That's a baby horse. I prefer my horses noticeably larger than that.

  2. @Heather LMFAO - You never miss a beat.

  3. Did I miss something? Is it now cool to have eyebrows that touch your hair line???

  4. Dazzledbyhim, it's the latest in eyebrow fashion. Everyone will be doing it soon.