Tuesday, February 16, 2010

This Post is Catty

It's Spank and Ginger in the morning. The weather in Rainbow City, Alabama is currently 28 degrees and partly cloudy. Somewhere over the rainbow is better weather. Traffic on the 405 is bumper to bumper so turn the road into a bumper car track and have some fun.

28 degrees? You know we have a high of 78 degrees today in Los Angeles?

*snuggles under a blanket with a hot cup of cocoa* Who asked you?

Wow, you're in a chipper mood this morning. #readwithsarcasm What happened, your electric blanket stopped working?

*teeth chattering* I'm colder than a vampire in Antarctica, Ginger.

That is PRETTY cold, Spank. Inhumanely cold. Speaking of cold... did you know there is a species of ants that if one of them gets sick with an illness, they'll leave the colony and go off and die alone... just so they won't get the rest of the colony sick.

Source: bbc news

Ants are known to work themselves to death, not walk themselves to death.

Well I think we humans should follow their example. Next time one of us gets the flu, we should just pack up and leave our houses. It's just the right thing to do.

*prays for the flu*

Don't worry Spank. Next time I get the flu, I'll cough on you. What are best friends for?


Yep! Speaking of germs, apparently Megan Fox thinks she'd make a great mother.

Source: people.com

She's just confusing motherhood with having her nipples suckled.

I especially found this part interesting: "I worry that because I've always wanted kids so much, as the world goes sometimes, I won't be able to have them, even though I would be able to provide them with such an amazing environment." Does that mean she already knows she'll be turned down by adoption agencies if she's not able to give birth to kids?

I read that three times and all I can surmise is she's not known for brains for a reason.

I couldn't agree with you more. In tranny news, Heather Mills (ex-wife of Paul McCartney) admits she has blown through her 24.3 million (pounds) divorce settlement in less than two years, by giving it all to charity.

Source: dlisted

She is a charity case.

Yeah. I think we're supposed to feel sorry for her for blowing all the money. Trying... trying... nope. It's not working. Which reminds me... Spank you know I have six cats, right?

I lost count, actually.

I might have lost count as well. I think the current count is 6. Anywho, I found the perfect way to memorialize them after they die. Make them into hats!!!!

Source: pictureisunrelated.com

Ginger, PLEASE tell me that's our WTF moment of the day.

Yes Spank it's our WTF moment. Why? Do you have something against cat couture?

I have something against dead cats on people's heads.

I hear what you're saying. I'm just saying, don't knock it till you've tried it. *shrugs*

I'd rather go naked than wear a fur-ball on my head and, with that, we're out of time (and out of our minds) so with a tip of our dead-cat cap we bid you adieu and ask that you consider this:

Is an alcoholic just a drunk that's scared of a hangover?



  1. lol! I love that you girls mentioned Rainbow City, which is like a bump in the road town. ;) You girls are hilarious.

  2. LMAO - did you see the choker on the girl in the pussy WTF pic?? It says "PUSS." Oh I have a deep love for you two.

    I have a deep hate for Heather Mills, who has stolen my good name (and the bitch won't give up the website either, but I digress)... She's scarier than anything I can imagine. I may have nightmares tonight, thank you, thank you very much!

  3. I was speechless after Megan Fox's assinine comment. (Seriously woman.) But I also noticed the Puss choker - Klassy!!

  4. Yep, Megan Fox... pissing off America... one adoptive parent at a time.

    So, if I wear a choker on my neck that says "Puss" will it then be acceptable for me to wear one of my deceased cats in hat form on my head?