Monday, February 1, 2010

Sometimes boobs and belly buttons can be friends.

It's Spank and Ginger in the morning. The weather in Las Vegas, Nevada is 60 degrees and partly cloudy with a 20% chance of rain. The weather is happening in Vegas and it should stay there. Traffic on the 405 is bumper to bumper so use this time to secure your alibi.

Hey Spank, did you have a nice weekend?

Yes and I really enjoyed it more so than usual in that I really didn't sleep much. So therefore, it was a longer weekend than normal.

I on the other hand slept way too much and my weekend flew by. Probably all that alcohol I was consuming.

Oh alcohol. Patron... yeah. I did that too.

You're just in a bigger league than I am. I can't keep up.

Practice makes perfect.

Speaking of practice, you know how you're going to do the thriller dance for me when you come out?

Yes *grabs my crotch and spins*

I just love the warden of this maximum security prison in the Philippines. This is what he makes the inmates do....

Some might say such a penance would create a violent atmosphere.

I think they're probably too tired after mandatory dancing all day long to get into trouble. I think we should do it at our prisons.

So you think you can dance telecast live from Alcatraz.

Spank, you're brilliant!
Speaking of dancing, did you hear Ambidextrous children are more likely to be hyperactive?

Source: bbcnews

Did you know that I was, in fact, ambidextrous? I can give the middle finger with both hands.

Wow, beautiful AND talented.

*blushes* Oh Gingy... Go on. *nods and whispers* No, really... please... go on.

back to the story at hand... I think we can gather from this story that if you see your child using both hands to do something , smack their left hand repeatedly until they stop.

*glares at you* Why the left hand? Did you not know that I am left handed? *smacks your right hand*

Don't get me started on left handed people. Perhaps your mother should've smacked your left hand and you would've turned out right.

You are SO wrong. She should have handcuffed both my hands to the bed post and left me there until I was legal. Ooh, you know.... handcuffs, bed post... are you thinking what I'm thinking Gingy?

Of course I'm not.

So sorry, so sad *daydreams about Jasper, sighs softly*

Speaking of Jasper and bed posts, we here at The Spank and Ginger Show like to celebrate boobs. How about with a perfectly formed iNatural pair like Heidi's?


I bet those puppies were Sealed with a kiss.

I think you're right there, Spank. But for equal exposure, we should show the obligatory iFake boobs of the day...


I would much rather Goofy boobs but to each his own, no?

And you wonder why Disney freaks me out. Speaking of equal exposure... how about some granny boobs?


Looks like her boobs have made friends with her belly button.

And WHO wears leather pants to the beach?

I am seriously without words and I think I may need eye bleach.

How about a WTF moment to clear your mind? You got one for us?

Really that WAS the WTF moment but here try this:


This must be one of those Canadian customs where a woman proves her worthiness for marriage.

Her tongue rivals Gene Simmons'. We have to ask Kairo about the Canadian customs for marriage.

They did invent the hot dog you know. Maybe Americans are just using them wrong.

I may never eat a hot dog again after this post.

I may never eat a hot dog in that way after this post.

Maybe you should try a hot Italian sausage. They are thicker and longer. And on that note chew on this:

Why do people say, "you've been working like a dog" when dogs just sit around all day?

*Our apologies to any Canadians that may have been offended by mention of your pre-marital rituals. We have nothing against Canadians. Some of our best friends know Canadians.

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  1. I am soo gonna have nightmares about sausages from now on...*shudders*

  2. I am going to have nightmares about leather skin... wow. On a happier note, yay I won! :) But, tech idiot that I am, I cannot get the email link to work. What do I need to do to claim my fantastic prize?

  3. This Heidi looks great. Especially after 4 kids. I only wish!!!
    Those Mickey boobs are creepy. What was that to???
    And OMG... that old woman's skin??? Disgusting!!!

  4. Yay Kristen! I have no idea what you do because I just work here. Ginger?

    Disclaimer: No sausages were harmed in the making of this post.

  5. The level of WTF for this post is outstanding. You girls worked overtime for a maniacal Monday melting minds mid-thought. But I digress... I think the Filipino cops are dancer-profiling so their prisons are full of the gayest, danciest criminals. OR - maybe dancing IS a crime.

    Note: No gay, dancing Filipino criminals were harmed in the making of this post.

  6. Kristin - Congratuations on winning! Email us the book of your choice from our recommendations box by either clicking "Email Us" or going directly to

  7. Heidi Klum's looking pretty good.

    I guess the next thing the makers are gonna do is to see can they make boobs talk.

    As for woman's clothing, YUCK, YUCK, and big definate (or definite) YUCK! I almost thought she wasn't wearing anything. And who in the world would wear leather clothing on a beach?!

    That lady has a odd tongue (doesn't mean she's a totally odd person). I think now I will have a nightmare seeing that picture. (Just playing, just playing, calm down everybody).

    That's how people talk. Like "What's the matter? Cat got your tongue" (or What's wrong? Cat got your tongue?). Must be Figurative Language.

  8. Brandon, I'm sorry to say, that woman at the beach isn't wearing leather. It's her skin. *running away screaming with you*

  9. Oh I was so close to winning...only 8 off ;)

    Do you think all the Thriller zombies gang up and do bad things against the man playing the MJ's girl in that'd think there'd be on man in there w/ a full head of hair to play that role. Very odd video.

    OMG leather woman was sooooo gross. I couldn't even tell where her boobs were supposed to be. Definitely need eye-bleach!

  10. o.O

    I dont really know WTF is going on with People today. Thats not skin anymore; ok? I think Brandon's right. Leather. Guaranteed she's a melonomian immigrant from England...*Mad Dogs and Englishmen* yada yada yada....

    *shooting Glares at Spank*

    You know; OBVIOUSLY you Americans know your way around a hot dog. You've taken a good idea...Varietal Meats encased in a delicious intestine....and made it a big part of what defines you as a culture on a world scale. I'm not sure what that says about you as a society....a whole bunch of crap smooshed together and placed inside something that used to be full of crap? O_O okay I'm gonna drop that thought right there before it starts to sound insulting...because thats NOT where I was going and I dont want to go there.

    *waving hockey stick*

    YAY for Heidi Klum. She's F*ckHAWT and isnt she well over 40? I'm not sure exactly how iNatural those boobies are; but they ARE beautiful.

    *reads previous comments and falls off chair*

    Spank? you dont know how the email thing works because you "just work here"??

    since when is making snide comments about your Geographical; Social; and tube-steak-and-basketball-creating Betters North of the 49th parallel considered work? *sheesh* now go find me some pictures of women that don't make me throw up in my mouth; kthx. O_O hey I'm still waiting for the Spank-and-Ginger hanging iNatural cleavagey goodness to make its unveiling??!!!!!!


  11. Yo Deep.... *waving my baseball bat* I got some American tradition right here for ya... *swings the bat at your head*

    Spank's iNatural cleavagey goodness WANTS to be unveiled but my Spankberry camera phone is not working *kicks the Spankberry* so I cannot oblige your request.