Thursday, February 4, 2010

Quick Draw

It's Spank and Ginger in the morning. The weather in New Orleans, LA is 58 degrees with heavy rain. Be on the lookout for ghosts, they love this kinda of weather. Traffic on the 405 is bumper to bumper so use your voodoo doll on the person driving in front of you.

Morning Spank.

Good morning, Ginger

Did you see the new Calvin Klein underwear ads with Kellan Lutz?

I have tried my best not to see it Ginger. *covers my eyes*

Well apparently Klutz isn't the only one in the new campaign. I did like this one quite a bit better. Just how I like my Eggs. Sizzling hot!

Sorry, I don't like big burly dudes. You know this about me. A little JBone? Kurt Cobain in his prime? #beforehewasdead Just ONCE can I get a little sumtin' sumtin' for me?

Kurt Cobain?!!!

*glares at you* Those piercing blue eyes, that straggly blonde hair? He was beautiful! Don't even...

Next thing I know, you're gonna tell me Jim Morrison was hot. *ducking*

Now you KNOW damn well that he is my lifelong crush and I'll put it out there right here, right now. I even love Mr. Mojo Risin' circa 1970. Bloated and bearded. AND I love Fat Elvis too. What?!

Speaking of dead guys who used drugs, there was a study out, inspired by Hollywood cowboy films about the science of gun fights. Did you know, that the person who shot second was actually quicker than the person who shot first?

Source: bbc news

So it pays to be slow?

No it pays to shoot second.

Which means you're slower than the person who shot first? Who shot the sheriff? Was it the second guy? *birds circling overhead*

No you're faster than the person who shot first. I think it was the deputy.

But if you were faster you'd be first. Okay, say it with me: moving on....

Yes, moving on... Madonna apparently is investing in Brazilian Youth Water.


She doesn't "give good face" anymore.

Yeah, that's probably why her other Brazilian Youth Water Jesus dumped her.

I thought that was her youngest son.

She's apparently 15 years older than his mother, so it is possible.

She is Madonna, translation, mother. She takes her position very seriously.

Do you think she homeschooled him?

In sex education.

Speaking of sex education, how about a WTF moment?


I think we could get arrested for just looking at that picture, Ginger. *grabs eye bleach*

Yeah, I really can't think of anything to say about it. *borrows eye bleach from you*

Well on that note, that's all the time we have for today. *whispers* Thankfully. Before we go, we leave you with this quote:

Are children who use sign language allowed to talk with their mouth full?


  1. Regarding the WTF moment picture...I just have to say that I find that little girls pink boots distracting and inappropriate.


  2. @GenWar - Oh dayum! You actually made me LOOK again to see the boots! *grabs more eye bleach*

  3. That picture is so disturbing... I can't even... *gags* I think I need to look at Kellan again to erase that from my memory...

  4. poor madonna, she's probably going through a midlife crisis now.

    And Kellan Lutz is hot #thatisall

  5. So I've come to the conclusion that, while I love reading this blog, the place to do it is NOT before starting work with your boss sitting behind you. It can make for an awkward explanation of what you're doing. Especially with a picture of a family in "anatomically correct furry suits".

  6. With all the Kellan underwear news yesterday, I didn't know Eggs did one too. Very cool!

    Hmm...Spank, you don't like the burly guys, but you looked very happy in that Quaid pic and he's as ripped (or moreso) that Kemmett.

    That awkwardfamilypicture is one of my favs...why is the little girl holding his hee-haw? wrong!

  7. @Diane - While it is true I looked (and was) very happy in the Quaid pic it was thanks to LOTS of Patron, not Dennis Quaid. ;)