Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Poison Prince

It's Spank and Ginger in the morning. The weather in Horseheads, NY is currently 32 degrees which is cold enough to preserve bodies. Traffic on the 405 is bumper to bumper because of a police investigation.

Wassup Spank?

Nuttin' G.

Cooool. Hey so I found this article about poison dart frogs being monogamous.

Source: bbc news

Wow, so the frog really is a prince.

I wouldn't want to cheat on a poison frog. #justsaying

Speaking of no-good cheaters, did you hear Ryan Phillippe and Abbie Cornish broke off their relationship?


I wonder how Abbie Cornish feels now that the shoe is on the other foot.

Exactly. When are women going to learn... they cheat with you, they'll cheat on you.

Odds are they're going to learn the hard way.

She would've been better off with a poison frog.

Or the poison of the frog.

That too. Hey Spank, did you watch the BAFTA awards?

No, I'm not English.

Yeah me neither. But I did get excited when I saw a picture from the red carpet. Wait, do they have red carpets in England?

I think just for the King and Queen.

*whispers* They don't have a King right now. But I'm guessing they have brown carpets so the tea stains don't show. ANYWHO... I got excited when I saw this pic.



There is something as too much hair gel.

Is there a different amount than before? I think he just brushed it down this time.

I think he left his beanie on too long.

Ewwwwww. Which reminds me... HOLY FOREHEAD BATMAN!!!


Gives "big head" a whole new meaning.

The camera loves a big head. Or so I'm told.

I guess it's easy to focus on something that big.

I suppose so. Speaking of... WTF!


The hills are alive with the sound of music...

I'm not sure where the reindeer come in.

By the way, did you know that reindeer are domesticated Caribou?

No, but I love their coffee.

I think I watch too much Animal Planet.

I think I drink too much coffee.

Coffee sounds good right about now.

*looks around at our readers and shrugs* I don't think they'll mind if we split to go get some java so long as we leave them with something deep to take into consideration, such as:

"Cute as a button" Is that supposed to be a compliment? Since when are buttons cute?


  1. enjoy your coffee girls.
    As for the red carpet we roll it out in London for premieres, Brit Awards, BAFTA's, Daniel Radcliffe he he he.
    Love your blog, it makes the morning brighter even on a cloudy day.
    The hills are alive, with the sound of music very cool.
    Any way before my computer takes a nose dive due to an electrical wiring problem. Steam Iron and Computer do not like each other at all. I will bid you ta ta.

  2. Speaking as the one and only English person who doesn't like tea - they won't be my tea stains on the carpet.

  3. wow,Rob looks like he actually took a shower #thankGod

    I laughed soo hard when I read about Ryan and Abby. And I second that Spank, she would be better off with the poison of the frog. #thatisall

  4. I'm gonna go play my Tuba in the nude now. I might be back later to comment.

    Nice to see Rob took a shower. oh; He didnt. my mistake. everyone's mistake. WHATS THE APPEAL?? he looks like hell and likely smells worse???

  5. I didn't mind Rob's hair so much as just that one little piece that was constantly hanging down like that. With all the people there, why didn't someone fix that??? Ugh.

    And as far as Ryan Philippe goes... I lost respect for him a long time ago. Abbey knew what she was getting into as well so whatever.

  6. CurlyMoomin, They let you stay in the country for not liking tea??? ;) (I don't like tea either...shhhh)

    Deep, sometimes I wonder what the appeal is too. Now Taylor... he looks like he showers regularly!

    Dazzled, I agree. I lost respect for Ryan LONG AGO.

  7. You're Right of course; Gingie. Taycob showers regularily and often....SOMETHING needs to keep that scent of *eau de WET DOG* at bay!! *ducking*

    You'd think that Jacksper and Robward would have figured out by now that you catch more chicks with Showers than with greasy hair and smelly clothes. Yet for some reason they do well....*shaking head* I'm mystified.

    I havent heard a squeak out of Ryan Phillipe since *Cruel Intentions*. Has he done anything in recent memory??