Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Pardon Our French

Le c'est Spank et Ginger dans la matinée. Le temps à Paris, France, est 31 degrés, qui est juste aussi froid que ses habitants. La circulation sur le 405 sont exceptionnels au pare-chocs si rouleau en bas votre fenêtre et en bas la pratique pardonnant votre français comme vous crachez des explétifs.

(courtesy of Free Translation)

Uh, porque estas hablando en frances, Spank?

Quando in Roma, Ginger.

You're in Rome?

Actually I'm at home, Ginger. Phoning it in and such.

*looks at you like you're speaking Chinese* Speaking of speaking in tongues, I saw this recently in the news:

Source: bbc news

But has anyone told men that having breast reduction surgery does not cure them of being boobs?

I'm going to guess no. What is the world coming to, with men having breast surgery? Next thing you know, the terrorists are going to start getting 'splodey boobs.

Uh, Ging... yeah, they already have.

Dang! They came up with that before I did? I missed out on the trademark opportunity! Hey, how about some eye candy?


I can't decide who I'm jealous of more.

I have never wanted a threesome more in my life.

Agreed. When Angie enters the picture, all rules go out the window.

Ah, yes, she's your #girlcrush -- which I contend doesn't count because she's the exception to every rule. You need another girl crush.

Nope. I don't think I can crush on any other girl. No one else makes me want to switch teams. Just Angelina. I don't know what that says about me.

It says you're not paying attention.

To who? Kristen Stewart? *heave*

OMG! OMG! I think I may revert to the Twilight hospital scene stutter meltdown here in a minute... *takes deep calming breaths*

I love you, despite your quirks. Thank @holygod I don't have any.

You're quirky by proxy.

is that like Munchausen by Proxy?

Sure, only Spankhausen.

Spankhausen by Proxy... I love it. Speaking of proxies, I bet you always wondered if Robert Pattinson wore boxers or briefs. Care to guess which?

I think he's probably wearing Kristen Stewart more than his boxers or briefs.

Probably so. Well, for everyone else who wondered what kind of underwear he's wearing....

Source: Popsugar

Boxer Briefs! Poor guy can't even go buy underwear without his picture being taken by the PopRocksies.

Okay, you know I am SO over Rob Pattinson but, seriously, that beanie kills me. I would insist he leave the beanie on.

I'm over him too. Wait... was I ever really into him?

No, you weren't *shakes my head in disbelief*

I probably shouldn't have admitted that publicly. Speaking of publicly, you know I like purple, right?

I thought you liked pink. Oh no, that's me. I love Pink. Not the color, though. #girlcrushno2

*shakes my head in disbelief* Anywho... I love purple probably more than the average Joe, but I think this is overdoing it, even for me:

Source: pictureisunrelated.com

This is the Ginger Swan version of John Cusack holding a boombox over his head playing In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel.

Well he gets an A for effort but he's coming across more like Glenn Close. I mean, with that level of crazy, he probably lives in a purple house.

*snickers* That's just crazy.

Hey, wait a minute! What's wrong with living in a purple house?

*looks up in the air, whistling Dixie*

*looking at you wondering what Dixie has to do with living in a purple house* Are there purple houses in Dixie?

*looks over at you, smiles* I'm sorry, did you say something?

uh no, I was just talking to myself. Again. *looks at bare arm* Oh hey, look at the time. It's been lovely folks, but it's time for us to go. Here's something for you to ponder while we're gone:

If the weather man says "it's a 50% chance of rain" does that mean he has no idea if its going to rain or not?



  1. I love Rob as much as the next girl, but he looks like a fisherman in that hat and outfit. He's a cute fisherman though...lol

  2. All (or most of) the ladies are going to love to see what boxer briefs Rob Pattison is choosing if they see the picture.

    That purple dude could've been [either] in the movie[s] The Color Purple or Purple Rain. Spencer Pratt would play that role perfectly.

    There's a 110 percent chance that the meteorologist (weatherman [or weatherwoman]) is absolutely... WRONG!

  3. First, please, please, please contact me for any French translations, and J for any other language next time. That was kinda painful. You just said Paris was frigid, in the sexual kind, FYI.

    And RPattz - bleh.

    And - who's the naked ass on the right under the naked shower guy? Just curious.

    Love you two soooooo much!!

  4. So Ed Westwick is horrid but Brangelina is hot??? What is this world coming to???