Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hot DOG!

It's Spank and Ginger in the morning. The weather in Vancouver, British Columbia is currently 50 degrees and partly sunny, which isn't exactly winter Olympic type weather. Traffic on the 405 is bumper to bumper due to a bobsled pileup.

Hey Spank, did you miss me?

Were you gone?

Uh yeah. In Alcatraz, remember?

*whispers and looks around* You're a fugitive. Act normal.

Oh right. Nothing to see here. Sooooo.... did you see doctors are urging for food makers to make a safer, choke-free hot dog?

Source: foxnews.com

You know, I read this and I'm thinking... survival of the fittest. *shrugs* If someone doesn't seem to be the brightest bulb in the box, you probably shouldn't give them a hot dog. #justsayin'

Funny how they are concerned about the choking factor of hot dogs but not that there are rat-hairs in them.

rat hairs?! I think I just threw up in my mouth. Uh, Spank do you know something that I don't know about rat hairs in hot dogs? Cause I love me some hot dogs.

The FDA allows a rodent hair content of 20 hairs per hot dog. I want to know who goes has the dubious honor of counting them.

Are you serious? Cause that's nas-with-a-capital-T

Ask Oscar Meyer if you don't believe me.

I'm not sure I want to be an Oscar Meyer wiener anymore.

Oh that's just baloney!

Speaking of rotten meat, do you watch the show Jersey Shore?

I have seen The Situation and I will say having had a house in the Jersey Shore many moons ago that not much has changed.

So you're aware of "Snooki" aka "Nicole Polizzi" aka "The Ultimate Guidette"?

I went to high school with about 90 girls just like her.

That sounds like fun. *shakes head no* Well it turns out she has no actual Italian blood. She's Chilean.

Source: popeater.com

She should be burned at the stake on 18th Avenue in Brooklyn by a mob of, well, mobsters.

So how do you, as a bonafide Sicilian feel about "Guidette" meaning "lifestyle" not Italian.

She should sleep with the fishes in a pair of cement shoes.

Uh oh.. she's probably going to end up with a horse head in her bed. Speaking of which, have you been watching the Olympics, Spank?

No, I don't like the cold.

Yeah me neither.

Is this where you remind me about your affinity for dogs who run at a temperature of 108 degrees? *rolls my eyes*

Nope. Just curious if you were watching the Olympics. Hey! How about some eye candy!

Sure, though we kinda peaked yesterday. *grins as I look at yesterday's picture of the ultimate eye-candy*

Uh, yeah I saw that. *rolls eyes*

*glares at you* You were saying, Ginger.

Oh, right! Eye candy!!! Here's one of the Rolling Stones outtakes.

Eye candy or give the little boy some candy?

I'll give him some candy! Check out that camera angle!

I see that and wonder if he needs a diaper change.

Oh no you di-int!

I think I just did.

*sigh* How about a WTF moment.

Ooh my favorite!

Source: ridingabuttertub.com


*performs Heimlich maneuver* Okay, while I'm trying to get this hot dog out of Spank (that's what she said), we'll leave you with this parting thought:

Why do we buy hot dogs in packages of ten and buns in packages of eight?



  1. Any parent that doesn't realize that hotdogs pose a choking hazard should choke on their own hotdog. Geez... warning labels...

    Nice picture of Taylor, by the way. Although I can't help but wonder how the picture was shot. I mean, did they just say, "Ok now hold still while I put the camera next to your crotch and take your picture???" Hmm... I really should have gotten into photography!

  2. Whoa rat hairs in hot dogs, you are kidding I hope. eeeww does not eat the things and now I know why.
    Seriously though, if a child is supervised during meal times they are safe. A child can choke on any food they put in their mouths. you have to watch young ones like hawks to make sure they don't shove the whole piece of toast or hot dog in their mouth!
    If you go putting warning labels on hot dogs, what about toast. "warning your baby or toddler or teen might choke on this bread" don't sue us we are not responsible.
    Incidentally your baby just picked up a coin, it doesn't have a warning label on it but babies will pick up anything off the cleanest floor.
    I know! lol I had my great nephew find a blasted tuppence aka 2 cents and the little tinker put it straight in his mouth. His mum and I wrestled with sharp teeth, sweaty little fingers and retrieved the coin ha ha ha.
    No hot dogs or coins or toast where hurt during this comment. aka @rowantastic.

  3. Yaknow; It's funny. if your kid is dumb enough to choke down the hot dog (when supervised..yes kids'll stuff anything down their throat)...well Maybe Mommy shoulda choked the hotdog down HER throat #ifyouknowwhatimeanandithinkyoudo

    *throws Taylor a hot dog* try throwing this in your pants; pup! *snickers*


    *mwaaah* I'll bbiab...maybe.

  4. @rowantastic, you cracked me up!

    @Deep, You did not just diss my boy Taylor like that!!! Haven't you seen the sweatpants pic?

  5. @Ginger Yes; I sooooo did!! The sweatpants? ohhhh...the one where he's smuggling some of Kemmett's chapstick. Right. how could I forget that..*rolling eyes*

  6. Sweat pants??? *Googling*

    I am going to HAVE to share the whole hot dog thing with family! *throws up in mouth*

    LOVE your blog, keep it up! :)