Thursday, January 21, 2010

Taste The Rainbow

It's Spank and Ginger in the morning, The weather in Atlanta, Georgia is 57 degrees with heavy rain so grab your umbrellas as today is your chance to show Californians how it's done. Traffic on the 405 is bumper to bumper, so today would be a good day to take the midnight train to Georgia as you'll likely get there faster.

Yeah you guys think we're wimps here. You know we're getting mudslides, tornadoes and flooding right? I mean, I'm sitting on my roof right now waiting for the speedboats to pick me up.

Have you forgotten the flood of 2009 WHEN I LOST INTERNET CONNECTION FOR TWO DAYS? *shakes uncontrollably*

True. That was pretty catastrophic. At least I've got my MacBook up here on the roof with me and my wifi.

That IS the most important thing.

So Spank, check out this pic...


I think this was taken at an internet cafe here in Los Angeles this week.

I needed this place a few weeks ago. *feels the sudden need to lay down, the memory too difficult to bear*

So speaking of torrential rains and flooding, I saw this in the news. Scientists think Mammals 'floated to Madagascar'.

Source: bbcnews

Not surprising. Julian is a very clever king. A super genius... he's the robot king of the monkey thing...

I know, right? They paid scientists to find this out? Did they NOT see the movie of how the animals floated to Madagascar in wooden crates?

They could have used the money to pay for Roland the sharpei's plastic surgery. Such a waste.

Yeah sure! *cough 'special room' cough* Hey, Spank, moving on... I was thinking, maybe we should pick a #motheroftheyear.

Didn't we do that yesterday with our feature on Octo-Mom *shakes head no*

Did we call her #motheroftheyear? I can't remember, my memory keeps getting washed away like the cars on my street.

In so many words.

Well I think we shouldn't be limited to picking just one person. We should award that title to anyone and everyone who deserves it, don't you?

This is America.

Yes, Spank it is. And in America, you have the freedom to many things... like, the way you dress in public.


Lorenzo Lamas sure picked a great mother for three of his kids, huh?

Well I think he just picked the two melons on her chest.

You think they're iNatural?

She's wearing granny panties with a doily dress? There is nothing iNatural about that, let alone the basketballs she's passing off as breasts.

I think it depends on whether they're silicone or saline filled. Saline counts as a natural product, doesn't it?

*shaking my head while staring at the picture* They look just like a water balloons filled with saline. I want to pop them with a pin. I bet I could too.

I think you could. Speaking of... how about a WTF picture!


As you know, I am up burning the midnight oil on the computer each and every night. I can't think of a better way to do so than with rainbows shooting out of my fingers!

I'm thinking that could greatly improve the #drunktweeting experience.

YES! #drunktweeting with rainbows. It's like Disney with an R rating.

Well folks, that's all the time we have for today and the hunky man in the speedboat is motioning to me. Before we go, we leave you with this parting thought:

If a fork were made of gold would it still be considered silverware?


  1. I can picture Spank and Ginger with the Rainbows shooting from their fingers late at night! Ohh the joy! Well I guess if the power goes out for Ginger she could use her finger as a flahlight.. hmm *giggles*

  2. And the award for #motheroftheyear goes to the lady with the crochet outfit and breasts that can be detached and used as a flotation device. Good job Lorenzo,good job.

  3. Why are they rats though? I guess that's the part I don't get!

    And I just feel bad for that little girl, having to walk around with her mom like that. I'd be mortified!!!

  4. Anyone who complains about fake breasts has never had the enjoyable experience of being liberally smacked in the face by them?

    That is all.


  5. I was going to comment at about 3:30am; but I couldnt for the life of me find my Party Rats. *shrugs* Turning on a desk lamp for night blogging just saeems silly; eh?

    Doily dresses are wonderful things; but I dont know if the full effect is achieved with those granny panties...I think it would have been much nicer with a creative bikini wax. *shrugging again* Gotta feel bad for the kid though; you have to wonder whats going though her mind.

    #motheroftheyear might still go to Ginger for a series of tweets documenting attempted bribery regarding star wars lego and Episodes I; II and III. *grins* I gigglesnortled for a while when I saw that; in all honesty.

    I need a Lemur. #thatisall. Why? no clue. but if they're half as entertaining as the floaty-crate to the island with commando penguin movie made them out to be; I need one. maybe a whole tribe. Alternatively a Meerkat would amuse me immensely as well. Maybe I'll just buy Ginger a duck...seems LA is becoming more and more inhospitable to Flemish Bunnies by the day! First coyotes *RIP Hagrid; you'll be missed* and now torrential rain? goodness me; whats a furry little woodland creature to do? Maybe a worthy investment in silicone implants to be used as flotation devices for pets. It's LA after all....

  6. The outfit that woman is wearing looks funkafiedly... wack. But it's a free country, so I can't knock her hustle for whatever she wants to wear.

    The WTF picture looks cool. Consider yourslf sitting in the dark with no lights or TV in the room. The product almost look like it can be the next Nite-Brite.

    The gold fork probably won't be silverware because either it'll be used on a French occasion or they'll sav it in a fancy place, like in a $2345 dollar cabinet.

  7. @GenWar LMAO at your iFake implant comment!

    @Deep, thank you for letting me keep the #motheroftheyear title and for buying me a duck, and for remembering Hagrid RIP. Yesterday's homeschool lesson: building an ark for me and my family. No extra animals needed. We already have enough to resupply the earth.

    @Brandon, I love you just for using "funkafiedly...wack" in a sentence.

  8. I am going to find a reason to use funkafiedly...wack many times tonight. #truth