Monday, January 11, 2010

The Spank and Ginger Show!

It's Spank and Ginger in the morning, the weather at the North Pole is -18 degrees with 20% humidity. Best to probably stay in your igloos today. Traffic on the 405 is bumper to bumper, so today would be a good day to practice your kegels while driving.

While we're here we'd like to welcome you to the very first post for The Spank and Ginger Show! You might remember Spank and I for being 1/2 of the Twilight-Headed Superhero League. We may have hung up the superhero capes, but that doesn't mean we disappeared into oblivion. We're back and ready to rumble blog. Hey Spank, what can our readers expect from our show?

Expect the unexpected.

Well that really narrows it down. Are we going to discuss Twilight?

Why yes we are, Ginger.

How about True Blood?

*thinks of Eric Northman in the shower, grins* Oh yeah... that too.

What about television, movies, books and music?

I love television, movies, books AND music so yes, yes, yes AND yes.

Harry Potter?

If by Harry Potter you are including The Adventures of Pocket Snape... then yes, that too.



Current events, Celebrity News & Gossip?

*wiggles my eyebrows* Ooh me likey the gossip. Especially the one about Jackson and Spank. Did you hear about that one yet?

I must have missed that one.

I have inside sources.

I'll bet. SOURCES INSIDE YOUR HEAD. So can we even talk about Nathan Fillion's @ss?

You can talk about his ass as long as I can talk about Jackson Rathbone's hands. Oh those hands... have you seen his hands? Shall I wax poetic about them now or later?

Later. MUCH later.

So is there anything off limits on The Spank and Ginger Show?

I think Religion and Politics.

Oh thank @holygod for that!

Do I have to learn special tricks for this show, like bellydancing?

I think you've already mastered that one, Ging...

Good point. Well I think that wraps up our introduction post. Tune in tomorrow to see how we pull this whole thing together, 'cause we sure as Hale don't know.

We leave you with a parting thought:

"Aren't the 'good things that come to those who wait' just the leftovers from the people that got there first?"



  1. Good morning ladies- nice to see you again. I have bookmarked your page so bring it on!


  2. NINJA! I think you were our first commenter on Twilightheaded! I'm so happy you came to visit us in our new home.

    Thank you TwiDW. We will bring it.

  3. Let the madness begin! I'm looking forward to the thought provoking (read debauchery) blogging to begin.

    bookmarked, favorited and commented on... And it's only 9:18... It's going to be a productive day.



  4. yay, so glad u guys are doing a new blog - I was in need of a fix.

  5. Yay girls! I'm doing my kegels right now actually. And I love that Ninja was FIRST! Brings back memories of when I was just a commenter at Twilight Headed. *sigh*

    Can't wait to see more! Smooches!

  6. Congratulations on the new blog. Cannot wait to see what you two talk about. I love that the league lives on in two blogs now...twice the fun =)

    Oh and BTW, that Alex Skarsgard GIF is very yummy...only problem is the camera didn't span down far enough. Anyway you two can rectify that for your lovely audience? ;)

  7. Squeeee! I'm so excited, I can't wait for all the fun to begin...even tho I think it already has! he-he!

  8. OMG!!! u too?! is today just the best (blog-wise) or what?! i get to read bout u guys too?! this rocks!! u know u guys rock too, right?! oh n i heart ya both!! hope u get to do ur thing n enjoy it (which is like the whole purpose of blogging, right?!) well best of luck!!! *jumps up n down in excitement*

  9. Great blog, ladies! Looking forward to reading more!

  10. Okay, as if I didn't love you guys enough, you put showering Eric on your sidebar? Truly epic. Love you!

  11. So happy y'all are doing this!! Love it!

  12. I guess I will scroll down a bit to leave a comment but I have to hurry before Eric gets out of the shower...

    Love it and looking forward to yall!

    ok thats all... back to showering... might need to take a cold one myself... holyhell

  13. Wait? There's a pocket Snape??? This I must see!!!

  14. Whoohooo! They're baaaaaaack! Hiya girls. Looking forward to reading all your craziness every morning as I used to on TH. Speaking of Kegels, I actually preach about the importance of exercising those. I even wrote fanfic about it believe it or not O_o

  15. Great first post! I can't wait to see what you are up to! Can you get a shower pic of Rob?

  16. Congratulations on the new blog. Very funny. Looking forward to reading more.

  17. Yay!! Finally something to look forward to again...........I love waking up to u guys in the am after that cup of joe.