Wednesday, January 20, 2010


It's Spank and Ginger in the morning, The weather in Biloxi, Mississippi is 66 degrees with a prediction of afternoon thunderstorms. Odds are the weatherman is wrong so place your bets now. Traffic on the 405 is bumper to bumper, so today would be a good day to try saying Mississippi three times really fast.

Hey Spank, remember when I told you should watch the movie Avatar?

Yes, which I may do now that I know how hot Eric Northman and Jasper Hale are as Na'vi.

Well maybe you shouldn't go see it after all...


Well given I was able to get through Twilight and New Moon with nothing worse than wet panties I think I can handle the little blue men of Avatar.

Ok... just as long as you know the risks.

Oh I think I can handle that.

Hey did you watch the Golden Globes?

I did not watch the Golden Globes, Ginger. But I did see a photo of Alexander Skarsgard in a tux and am now convinced that the only thing he may look better in is... nothing.

Well, hey I didn't watch them either. But I did see this online...


If "BEEEEEL" looked that good on True Blood (and kept his British accent) maybe he wouldn't be so annoying.

If BEEEEL didn't have to work next to Alexander Skarsgard maybe he wouldn't be so fugly. And I am sidestepping the rant I feel burning in my chest about Suhkie and her lack of acting skills. *sucks in air*

I can't get past the gap in the teeth to notice the acting skills.

Or the way she makes her ponytail swing around like a deadly weapon.

OH-kay... today's WTF moment has been preempted by Hey! I Need One Of Those!


I was wondering when they were going to make this available to the general public.

Oh I know, right? If I could get my hands on one of those... the possibilities would be endless. *dreamily thinking of MacGyver and what he can do with his hands*

Okay how about some eye candy for the guys?!

*perks up* Maybe something special for @Deep?

Hey wasn't she in the Popeye movie?

That's Shelley Duvall? Wow, she's aged well!

Totally kidding, guys. When I promise eye candy, I deliver:


It's The Octomom!!!

When you promise eye candy you should put a warning that says "may cause blindness".

Awww, I think she looks hot. In a "wanna be my babydaddy?" kind of way.

I think I'm going to be sick.

well at least we know she's got enough money to take care of her kids get plastic surgery.

There's no amount of money in the world to cover the amount of therapy her kids will need plastic surgery she will need.

Hey so you like tattoos right?

Why Ginger yes I do like tattoos.

And you like Michael Jackson too?

Yes, I love the Gloved One. #RIP

Well... you might consider getting this for your next tattoo then.


Hmm. If I got that would I be able to get his nose fixed when I get old and start to wrinkle?

I think that's only appropriate. Maybe you can ask Octomom for a good doctor recommendation.

Well, dear friends, that's all the time we have for today and may tomorrow be a perfect day. Until then we leave you with this parting thought:

Why is it illegal to park in a handicapped parking space but its ok to use a handicapped toilet?

Due to the previous prize not being claimed, we had a re-draw for a new winner.

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  1. *glaring* ya know; I really DO love both of you. Despite Spanks' taste for vampire p##n and Ginger's obvious heartlessness when referring to poor innocent little doggies whose only crime was to be born with wrink......

    *eyes wide*

    Waaaaaiiiiiit.....just a second here...

    *scrolls up to the untouchable WTF moment*

    *scrolls back down*

    So Gingie? When Spanky gets old and has wrinkles ((barring any unforseen Vampire Jacksper couplings)) are you going to send HER to the "special" room?? Because apparently wrinkles are an offence punishable by euthanesia. Or can she go have plasic surgery with the Octopuss*cough* OctoMOM and Heidi Montag?

    *grins and slashes rapier a'la Chi Chi Rodriguez' Putter*


    now in all seriousness I need to post a special bulletin: *getting on soap box*

    A PaperClip is seriously one of the most multifunctional tools known to man. MacGyver had it right; but he ain't got nothin' on ol' @Deep here! Ive used them as everything from bookmarks to weapons of miniscule destruction; rubber band guns and on several occaisions as an ersatz fishing hook. I have my very own Reel now though. And my Rod is second only to the KnitMonkeyP##n from yesterday. *cringes*

    I'll be back later for a redirect after I get shredded a few times. *grins and winks*

  2. Oh; and before I forget...

    regarding the toilet/parking stall??

    I believe that everyone; handicapped or not; Is FULL of Sh*t; but not everyone drives like it.

  3. @Deep - You are now obligated to post at least one comment on the S&G show every day. And I quote: "A PaperClip is seriously one of the most multifunctional tools known to man." And I die laughing. My love for you is... (wait for it... wait for it...) DEEP!

  4. *falls off chair giggling*

    Oh Spank; you know I loves you too. But the paperclip kicks Fass!

    I'll comment most days. Keep up the high quality of eye candy *rolling eyes* and you know I wont be able to stay away!

  5. Aww...come on... you guys don't like Bill and Sookie??? Granted, I've only seen season 1 since I'm patiently (not really) waiting for season 2 to come out on DVD, but I think they're portrayed pretty well on the show. Bill's always been annoying to me since the second book on... that's just a given. I wonder if she meant him to be quite so annoying??? Hmm...

  6. So many comments to make, but I'll just make one!I had to quit watching TB because I couldn't take the fake put on, southern accent any longer!And the name *Sookie*! That's a pigs name!<Was that 2 comments?! O well...;0)

  7. Strange news with the guy dying of stroke from "overexcitement" about watching the [most anticipated] movie of the year.

    I can't take my eyes off the sequin dress. Ladies look good in them.

    I don't get the WTF picture.

    The "Octomom" looks kinda attracting in a who-wants-to-go-home-with-me-and-have-dessert way.

    Good luck getting the tattoo, whatever kind it's going to be.

    And it's because you have a better chance of getting caught and fined for parking your vehicle in a handcapped parking space than using a handicapped restroom. The restroom, handicapped or not, is like public for everybody.

  8. @Deep, Wrinkly dog's offense is being a DOG. Wrinkly Spank deserves to live no matter what. And I agree. You MUST be obligated to comment on every post. But I'm going to add @Brandon to the list of obligated daily commenters.

    @Fayezeewayzeewayzeewayzeewayzee, I can't give up watching TB but it does help to make fun of BEEEEL and SUHkie.

    @dazzled, I agree with you re: Bill in the books. No one likes a brooding vampire *cough*Angel*cough*Edward* *wink*

  9. I think I may have nightmares tonight thanks to that Octo Mom pic. Hold me!

  10. So apparantly I went to Jr. High w/ Octomom...too bad I moved away and didn't meet the soon to be trainwreck.

    I love that both of you think the same thing about Bill & Sookie. I couldn't believe they gave Anna Paquin an award for her portrayal considering she's not very good. And yes, Bill pales (no pun intended) in comparison to Eric.

    And Spank...I'm with you on the not seeing Avatar thing.