Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Monkey Spoons

It's Spank and Ginger in the morning, The weather in Los Angeles, California is 61 degrees with rain so grab a bucket and conserve today. Traffic on the 405 is bumper to bumper, so today would be a good day to perfect the art of not driving on the highway.

Oh not more rain! We've already had two days of rain this year! Guess I can't leave the house again. Do I even have an umbrella? *wonders to myself*

I think The Governator should declare a State of Emergency.

He probably will. We can't handle rain here. Traffic accidents increase 500% when it's raining. (not even kidding)

Guess people never told Angelinos that they have to drive SLOWER WHEN IT RAINS.

You don't drive in LA, you crawl, unless you're @SweetLikeSandi and then you own the road, sometimes several lanes at a time.

Yeah @SweetLikeSandi drives in a way that can make you lose your breakfast if you're not careful.

Well I don't know if it was Sandi's driving or the 15,000 lemon drops you drank the night before.

Touché. Hey at least I brought an empty grocery bag in the car with me... just in case.

Gag bag.

Literally. Moving on... I saw this recently in the news:

Source: The Daily Telegraph

He couldn't get a seeing eye dog to help him? *snicker* Ok this article I actually did read, well skimmed, sort of. Alright, I glanced at it, but you know what I thought of immediately?

Why no Ginger I don't seeing as I am not Edward Cullen.

*ignoring the Edward Cullen comment* I thought, $897 is an awful lot for a shelter to be paying on a surgery that MIGHT get a dog adopted in the future.

What if that dog's name was Jake? Then you might see things differently...

Okay, for the (probably not) last time, Jacob Black is not a dog. I don't like dogs. I like wolves, like Jacob.

*shrugs* He's still a canine. You should give a cold marble vampire a try... they're smooth and make you shiver.

I'll let you know if I ever feel like making out with an ice cold marble statue. Anywho... back to the story, wouldn't it be a lot cheaper to just lead that dog to the "special room" where unadopted pets go? Use that money to feed the other pets in the shelter?

"special room"? God, Ginger, do you expect them to treat him like a dog?

LMAO. And yes.

Hey how about some eye candy for our male viewers? Nothing says eye candy for guys like some girl on girl action:

Source: justjared

This makes me want to walk the path of the straight and narrow...

Yeah I have to agree with you there. But, isn't that how you greeted me last time we saw each other?

In your dreams...

yeah, I think it was in my dreams. Because you were SPOONING ME.

No, I was spooning Jasper in my dream, you just happened to be there.

Oh okay. Glad I could be the warm body to assist you with your Jasper dream.

You'd be surprised how hot he can make me. *goes to my happy place*

I'm not surprised. I was the one getting spooned, remember?

Yes, you keep reminding me because being spooned by Spank is a memorable experience. *wink*

Oh yes. I'll never forget it. I hope it happens again.

Okay, I think now would be a good time for a WTF moment, don't you?

Today's WTF moment is brought to you by pictureisunrelated.com

Hmm that's not exactly the monkey I had in mind... *thinking of Jackson Rathbone and staying in my happy place*

I'm not sure what's creepier, the monkey or the expression on the lady posing with him.

She looks very, um, satisfied.

Maybe that's a knitter's version of a blow-up doll.

To be purchased as a matching set with Mr. Peen

And on that note... I'm sorry to say that's all the time we have for today. (hey that rhymed... I'm a poet and... oh never mind). But before we part, we'll leave you with this thought:

Isn't Disney World just a people trap operated by a mouse?


Attn: Traci the 11th follower has not claimed her prize. You know what that means: RE-DRAW! Tune in tomorrow to see who wins!


  1. Ohh the tweets we saw about that night in twitterverse! *giggles remembering*

    The jumbo monkey? WTF indeed! And Whispers: She looks very satisfied!

  2. That is the creepiest monkey I've ever seen!!! And that lady just makes it creepier still.

    I've never heard of dogs getting face lifts before. I mean, if the problem with that breed is that common, wouldn't they all have them? Weird.

  3. Ginger; we need to talk. *frowns*

    Would you feel so laissez faire if...oh say Anya had a congenital Foot condition where eventually her toes would curl inward and she couldnt walk properly? I agree that it shouldnt be the humane society necessarily PAYING for the operation...what; isnt there a doctor out there will to donate...how long did it take? *pfffft* cant imagine that that wouldnt count as a tax write-off for someone. You dont have to like dogs to remember that every animal deserves the equal right to live a good; healthy life. After all; WE humans bred the Shar-Pei to BE that wrinkly. Shouldn't we therefor be prepared to accept the consequences of our actions? if that means coughing up $897 for a face-lift; I say do it.


    Blow-up Knitted Monkeys with anatomically correct-ish man-bits? WTF moment is right. *ewwwww*

    Im really not sure that we need Monkey p##n. OHmyGAWWD thats freakin funny though. I snorted. literally.

    And once again I was suckered into getting excited to see a picture that really let me down. Girl on Girl does look good...when it's done right. but at least it wasnt JacksPer p##n. or Gaymett p##n. I'll happily take more Manilow Moments; though. I giggled.


  4. @Deep - Maybe I should be in charge of the next girl on girl pic, though we may need to change our rating.

    And Jacksper peen is cuming, I mean coming, I mean... Um... *wicked grin*

  5. LMAO At The Picture.

    I betcha that thing is taller than me.

  6. @Deep, first of all formerly-wrinkly-dog is a DOG. And Anya is a bunny. So Anya deserves to live with her crippling toe condition. DOG does not. *sticks tongue out at you*

  7. Thanks for the gafaw! I needed that today.
    And just to let you know I am attending a Sisterhood of the Flying Monkey party this Sat.
    Details only if you ask! Bwaaa!

  8. Oh dear lord.... first and foremost - thank you so VERY much for having the Meryl Streep girl on girl pic be across from the Eric Northam shower image - I was gratefully distracted by yet again hoping in the camera panning south, so I didn't have to be glued to that other image, like some are drawn to horrific accidents.

    Great WTF pic - and my only thing is that no woman would be that happy over something that soft. #justsayin

  9. @Heather *chokes on my coffee, laughing* No one told her you have the spank the monkey.

    And Eric Northman showers daily here on the S&G Show. In fact he never stops. It's why I keep coming back. #pandowndammit