Thursday, January 28, 2010

Monkey See Monkey Do

It's Spank and Ginger in the morning. The weather in London, UK is 40 degrees and mostly cloudy with a 20% chance of precipitation. In other words, par for the course my friends across the pond. Traffic on the 405 is bumper to bumper so this morning is a perfect time to try actually driving on the right side of the road.

Spank I'm sure you heard about the new Apple product the iPad, right? Supposed to be a cross between an iPhone and a laptop?

*grumbles* I'm a PC Ginger. You KNOW this. *stomps feet as I type this on my PC*

What, does that mean you can't talk about Apple products named after feminine hygiene products?

I just take issue with the fact that PCs never trend on Twitter. There's a bias out there against PCers and I intend to expose it. As soon as my computer stops glitching.

That's because PC's SUHK. Anyway... I personally am looking forward to the iPantyliner. Should be like the iPad but thinner and more lightweight.

Maybe you should get the iPad with wings.

I wonder if it comes in red.

*ignoring the gross connotation* It is an Apple, after all.

Speaking of Apples, I found yet another reason why you should trade in your Spankberry for an iSpank.


Because I have a Spankberry I could have done so while using an actual keyboard therefore less inclined to have typos.


What?! He freaking used his iPhone to write his injuries and set his alarm. My Spankberry can do that!

No he used a First Aid app on the iPhone to tell him how to survive and treat his injuries until he was rescued 65 hours later.

I would have tweeted my injuries and I am sure one of my 2,800 followers is a medical professional who could have offered me assistance.

What if you didn't have access to internet while trapped under the rubble?

I almost died when I didn't have internet in my house for 1 day a few weeks ago. What do you think would happen if I was trapped under the rubble without internet access? *shakes my head thinking she doesn't get me*

Clearly I'm trying the wrong approach. You could always get an iSpank for the iFart Mobile app. I feel like our relationship is one-sided. I can email you farts through my app but you can't email me farts.

I prefer the personal touch. I farted in a plastic ziploc bag and FedEx'd it to you for delivery tomorrow.

Yes, but then I don't get the awesome sound.

I don't get the smell.

Touché. Moving on... I'd like to personally thank the PopRocksies for taking this pic of Hugh Jackman in his sweat pants.


It's kinda hard to get excited about what's in his sweatpants when he looks like the Michelin Man.

Oh really? I didn't notice anything above his waist.

And they say I have a one-track mind.

Speaking of one track minds... boxers or briefs, Spank?

Boy shorts, Ginger. Why do you ask?

I personally like boxers on my man but these briefs caught my attention.


Yeah with that he can pick up the chicks wearing the pillow ass.

I'm a little confused as to the choice of model for a product by that name. Is it supposed to give white men the size and confidence of a black man?

What it does is make him look like an ass wearing a fake peen in his briefs.

Agreed. Speaking of fake peens, I was thinking of going on a Safari.

On your iPhone, Ginger? Is there an app for that?

Of course there's an app for that. No, I want to go on the kind of safari that promises lots of action.

Do we have to change our rating now? *laughing like a barrel full of horny monkeys*

Hey, it's nature's way.

iNature *rolls my eyes*

They have that app too. And on that note, that's all the time we have for today. Before we go, we leave you with this parting thought:

If something "goes without saying," why do people still say it?


  1. I have no words, Ladies ... no words at all ...

    Mostly because tears are still streaming down my face from the iPantyliner comment ... (typing this on a Mac while working on a PC)

  2. oh dear lord! LMAO
    *grabs a tissue to wipe brow*

    the verizon store already knows me and shudders when i walk i think i pass on technology....*shudders*

    *looks at droid and snickers* ...and you thought you were the IN thing, mmm? so pfffff to you never worky when i want u to worky thing!

    holy fuck balls
    and i do mean BALLS
    always a boy short type but i agree with you @ginger i could easily be persuaded to go briefs.
    SUPER stretch?
    low rise?
    *spits out wine*

    i can always count on you two ladies to make me laugh. thanks! i'd offer you something as a token of my thanks, but nothing works. *hangs head*


  3. iPantyliner-BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! So funny...because it's so true.

    I'm a PC...married to a's a tricky relationship-but I'm glad to see you ladies working it out. But, I love my droid. And, frankly, even if I had an iPhone, I'm pretty sure I never would have downloaded the first aid app, so withouth internet, I would've probably died anyway.

    And Hugh Jackman in sweats-Re-OW!

  4. I just got a call from Verizon inviting me to an in-store Droid Class-hahaha! That's so cute that they're trying to be like Apple with the in-store classes!

  5. oh; dont get too excited about the jackman. it's probably lip balm like Kellan's. *ducking*

  6. Deep, a manly man like the Jackman does NOT use lipbalm. *throwing a pillow at you*

  7. *drooling with laughter* You know, there really is an iSpank app for the iPhone. And it's a hoot!