Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Getting to the Bottom of It

It's Spank and Ginger in the morning, The weather in Alpine, Wyoming is 23 degrees with periods of snow so you may want to curl up with someone you love in Jackson Hole (that's what she said). Traffic on the 405 is bumper to bumper, so today would be a good day to practice twiving.

I'd like to thank everyone for the positive feedback about our iNatural boobs yesterday. We'll have to whip them out more often. And speaking of big body parts, we've all heard this again and again....

Source: BBC News

*grabs the bag of Oreos and sings* I like big butts and I can't lie...

Did you know the boys used to follow me around in gym class in high school singing that to me? Guess that means I'm really healthy. So I'm thinking, if big butts are healthy, BIGGER butts are even healthier. *passes around the Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls*

*politely declines as I continue dipping my Oreos in whole milk*

But here's the thing... what about those poor skinny girls with the #noassatall? (and you know who you are) Now they've got the Shapes Contour Panty.

So you wear this little contraption:

and it makes your butt look like this:

Source: BBC News

Girl meets boy. Girl goes home with boy. Girl takes off her clothes and removes her fake ass. Girl doesn't get none that night.

I wonder what that would feel like to a guy who tries to pinch her butt. That would be confusing.

Well, he can sleep with his head on her ass.

That's convenient. I wonder if they make them with tempur pedic padding.

Today's WTF moment is brought to you by The Internet: Now In Handy Book Form.

Wow The Hoff gets excited easily. Just a little push and he creams.

I'm not gonna even touch that. No really, I'm literally not going to touch that.

But here's something I will touch...

Source: Just Jared

Do you even realize the significance of this?!

If by significance you mean that he has big hands which implies that he has a big... then yes, yes, I do.

No, he's eating at Joan's on Third. MR. GINGER AND I LIKE TO EAT AT JOAN'S ON THIRD! AND WE SIT OUTSIDE LIKE HE IS, AND WE PROBABLY SAT AT THAT SAME TABLE HE WAS SITTING AT. (sorry for yelling. Just got a little excited)

Request that table next time and get us some Northman DNA to send it off to the Scottish scientists who want to clone humans.

Uh... that's kind of gross.

There is nothing gross about @EricNorthman *wipes drool from the corner of my mouth as I stare at him in the shower, trying to will the .gif to go down just a little more*

Point taken. *stares at gif image of him taking a shower on our sidebar*

Well folks, that's all the time we have for today. Have a great day and we'll leave you with this parting thought....

Can you get cornered in a round room?


  1. oh noooooooo......I too; will not be touching the Hoff. Despite being of german errrr...extraction.

    Is it just me or did that sound at least somewhat dirty??

    on another note...and maybe I neeeeeeed another cup of Kool-aid; Ginger..*looking pointedly at jugs from yesterday **cough** JUG ON THE COUNTER*

    But when exactly did having lunch become newsworthy? I dont see many Camera crews around while I'm eating a sandwich. But then people dont take pictures of me in the shower either.

    In yet another note; I believe I may have a bone to pick with you ladies. *eyebrows drawing together*

    {{{Praying that Pearl doesn't see this post!!}}}

    thats just no good. although a nice @$$ IS most definately good. But seriously; if you want a bigger booty-scooty stick to little Debbie. the Fass {{haha! new word day! Fass = fake @$$}} isnt a good option. I'm not sure exactly how dumb you girls think we men are; but even the most unobservant of our species will notice when the honky-tonk-badunk-a-donk we took home turns into a #noassatall when she takes off her "panties".

    Kinda like Push-up Bras with gel/water/foam/donut padding *thinking dirty donut thoughts of Sandra Bullock*

    FALSE ADVERTISING is against the Law. Don't Make Me report you to the better business bureau. although that might just apply to professionals. and I'm not going there. Literally. Like the Hoff. we'll leave him alone too.

    Be happy with what you have in your Pants ladies (and your shirts). At the end of the day; we're just so happy to get under those clothes that we dont really care that everything shift a couple inches when the support-hose come off.


    Love you Girls!

  2. wth... it erased my comment?! damn u internet!!! still

    ok so i'm at the school's library n i'm laughing my ass off!! *looks at mean librarian* uhmmm... i maaay be kicked out... *covers mout to keep from laughing* seriously the daggers this woman is sending my way *shakes head*

    anyhooooo!! u made my morning... i laughed so very much!!! n u have a very good point... i wonder how that fake ass would be *looks at my modest behind* yeah not using it, i don't have a big ass, but hey i like it the way it is... oh n congrats on the nice natural boobs!! (didn't get to comment yesterday!!!)

    *scrolls back up n examines Eric's pic..... tilts head, wipes drool* yeah... HAWT i wonder... oh n btw, u Ginger u should totally go n get some DNA *looks around the room* what? too weird? I DON'T THINK SO!! i know everyone is thinking the same thing *scrolls back up to shower time n grins* yeah not just me!!

    vampy iguana's!? i wonder what that would be like.... *burst laughing*

    well u guys rock!!! AMAZING!! thanks for now my daily dose of laughter!!

  3. oh no!! i forgot to comment bout the Hoff soap thingy... wait *frowns* no... on second thought... NO COMMENT!!


  4. I used to eat at Joans on Third ALL THE TIME. Does that mean that by association Alexander is my boyfriend? Yup, I'm going with that theory.

  5. I love your post. It's becoming part of my morning should be working but I'm not routine.

  6. Brilliant blog - love the back & forth aspect of it. Much better than blogs that tend to talk at you.

    And Hoff soap... ewwww....

  7. OMG... the Hoff soap... so disturbing!!!

    And I can only imagine some guy taking off a girl's pant to find a bunch of padding down there... hilarious!

    And we do need Eric clones... nothing weird about that at all!

  8. LOL, great post.

    They had those ice pops that looked like Daniel Craig... One that looks like Eric Northman would be lovely....

  9. @Deep, I snorted my way through your comment. Especially the part about the "fass". LMAO!!!

  10. So we've covered tits and ass in our first two posts. I wonder what's up for tomorrow. *thinks of what goes up, grins wickedly* Oh Ginger... I have an idea for tomorrow's post!

  11. @Ginger *winks* glad you enjoyed. What are Brothers for?

    @Spank NO. If Kemmett's p##n makes a reappearence in trackpants i swear I'll take a hockey stick to you.



  12. Half way through this... I got distracted by the hot man showering.
    Then lost my train of thought.

    That is all.

  13. @Deep - I would NEVER post a pic of Kemmett's p##n but I would do a blog post on this: because there is much to ponder about exactly how to get THAT VIP pass #ifyouknowwhatimeanandithinkyoudo

    Also, I love that you love my skinny jeans, and my ass. What are you doing Friday night? I'll bring the cheesecake... Smooches! xo

    Finally, and with respect to the Hoff-issue, I think it was best said above by @Heather -- Ewwww. You have the Spank promise that the S&G Zone will be #hofffreezone (unless we find something funny and then all bet's are off).

  14. @Spank - What's not to laugh at when it comes to the Hoff? I mean really; the man's a one note joke simply by existing.

    And why exactly am I hearing a Spank-a-lichious version of nah nah nah naaaah na right now? *made ya look; made ya look!!*

    I mean really; am I the first to wonder what exactly they DO with 100 Monkeys? they can't ALL be jumping on the bed...*yelling*...oh lord NO SPANK DONT JUMP ON THE......

    *hears crashing noises*


    *shaking head* I never said Jackson was there RIGHT NOW.....

    *chuckles* You're too easy; Spanky. #onlypartofwhyiloveya