Monday, January 18, 2010

Fake and Faker

It's Spank and Ginger in the morning, The weather in Boston, Massachusetts is 34 degrees with a mixture of snow and rain. Make sure to wear your Red Sox because you're gonna freeze your baseballs off! Traffic on the 405 is bumper to bumper, so today would be a good day to practice using your "R's" when you speak.

In the news today...

Source: BBC News

Do we care about this Spank?

I will care about this when alligators can fly.

I actually really like gators. You know, the ones who DON'T play football. Cause those I don't care for at all. Unless they're in Miami and then we're cool.

*looks around to make sure Meadow can't hear me and sings* I say it's great to be a Gator Hater...

She knows. She always knows. She's got some sort of anti-Gator radar. Like Gatdar. (which is kind of like Gaydar but not really).

Moving on... Spank, did you see this?


I did not, Ginger *sets my DVR singing* "It's a miracle, a true blue miracle..."

You know, Spank... my love for you is so deep, I'm willing to overlook things like your love for Mr. Barry.

Barry Manilow is timeless... like Rolex and Dennis MF Quaid.

... and dinosaurs.

Well they're extinct, Ginger. Barry Manilow will never die. *sighs dreamily while singing Weekend in New England*

*rolls eyes* I love you Spank.

*sings* "Love is in the air, everywhere I look around love is in the air, every sight and every sound"

Ok, can we move on? I'm trying really hard to tolerate the Barry-lovefest going on. How about a WTF moment, cause I think I'm having one right now.

Today's WTF pic is brought to you by Heidi Montag:


What's the difference? She was plastic before her surgery.

Hey I think she should keep going. She's just as funny looking as she was before the first boob & nose job. Maybe one of these days she'll get it right. *snicker*

She should have Spencer Pratt extracted from her... um, nevermind... moving on... PLEASE

I wonder if I'm going to get hate mail over the "she should keep getting plastic surgery" comment.

No more than I'm going to get for my love of Barry Manilow. I should blip him more. *wicked grin*

Sure babe, and I'll blip Wham! more.

We really know how to show our love, don't we?

We sure do. Well, folks that's all the time we've got for today, but before we go, we'll leave you with this parting thought...

When French people swear do they say pardon my English?


  1. Why am I first today? I hate being first almost as much as I hate slopp....nevermind.

    Ladies I love you both equally; and I really cant say that I love Barry Manilow and more or less than Wham! I'll never be a "Fan-ilow" like Ms. Spank; but he's relatively timeless and really altogether Harmless.

    Did I really just use a term I heard on Will & Grace? he he he....Fan-ilow.

    *MY gay-dar is going off!!*

    Debra Messing. Pretty Girl; #ravishingRedhead; iNatural Mosquito bites.

    I guess I could ramble on for a while; but really; I'm uninspired. Heidi-the-Prat??


    I'm really no supporter of plastic surgery; but if it makes you happy; hey; it's your body. At least the changes are real; not like the Fass.

  2. *sigh* Really girls, my Gat-dar was tingling and what do I find? *shakes head*

    Anyway, if you guys keep discussing boobs I'm gonna end up with a complex. And then I'll have to go and watch the Gators kick your schools asses again to make myself feel better. *wink*

  3. @Deep -

    @Meadow - *tries to think of a good comeback knowing I got nothing being a Bulldog fan* Umm... well.. er... hmm... *hands on my hip, smirks* Yeah, well, the Gators lost the National Championship. *sticks my tongue out and runs away before you can hit me with your Spurrier talking doll*

  4. Awww - I love it when you guys fight about football. It warms my heart. Also? I love it when you sing your love of Barry & Wham. It makes me throw up in my mouth, but I love it.

  5. Ha ha... Go Buckeyes! :)

    Heidi is retarded. She's never going to get it... we really don't care WHAT you look like, chick!!!

  6. Oh Jeeeeze.
    I keep getting distracted by the naked showering man!

    I die laughing when I read this blog. =]
    My mom died when she saw that Barry Manilow is going to be the last guest.

    She is a bigger Fanilow then Spank. I almost gaurentee it.
    With all the records, CD's and Concerts... Plus the duplicates of Said records and CD's....
    I believe she has 12 of the same CD....

    BTW, Heidi? Uhm.. I'm sorry but she's not getting any prettier with plastic surgery.
    She's just jealous of the iNatural girls like us. =P

  7. *singing* "At the copa, cobacabana, the hottest spot north of Havana..." I have to say i am a Fanilow. Went to see him in concert while in college *cough*15*cough* yrs ago. As we say here in New England he is wicked cool

  8. I dislike NBC now. They're getting rid of one of the legendary show comedians in the history of the making.

    Heidi Montag is a funny face woman. I think Spencer told her to look like Paris Hilton for a day.

  9. @Spank

    I like this version better. *winks*

    Heidi? I still got nothing. She was actually passably good looking before; now? not a chance. #plasticprincess

    Maybe we can just relegate Heidi Montag into the same category as Hoff Soap and werewolf babies.

  10. Hmmm... Can you please discuss Kate Gosslin's new hairstyle and how much she now looks like Heidi? It's rather scary..

    ::sighing, rolling my eyes:: And, Spankalish... the 405 is NOT in Bahston... it's the 95. Opposite coasts, dear...