Monday, January 25, 2010

Doggie Paddle

It's Spank and Ginger in the morning. The weather in Brooklyn, New York is 54 degrees and cloudy with rain. With all this precipitation a tree might even grow. Traffic on the 405 is bumper to bumper so for those traveling into the city expect to get no sleep 'til Brooklyn.

Hey Spank it's not raining anymore here.

Wow, well what are you going to do with your ark now?

Well it's supposed to rain again tomorrow, so there's always hope we can use it.

*fingers firmly crossed*

So check this out: A dog fell into the LA river (that's usually a puddle) and couldn't get out, so they sent 50 firefighters to airlift this dog out.


But the thing is, the firefighter who rescued him was hospitalized with severe injuries to his hand and arm from the dog attacking him.

The moral of the story? Never bite the hand that rescues you.

Shakes head at the fact they used FIFTY firefighters to rescue this dog. Uh, survival of the fittest, people.

I am still wondering why fifty firefighters are in the river where there's no chance of a fire.

There's nothing else for them to do when it's raining.

They could sing.

Speaking of singing, you like Kanye West, right?

Why, yes, Ginger I do.

That's too bad. *shrugs* Anyway, here's Kanye and his girlfriend leaving a fashion show in Paris.


I didn't know that fashion shows had a catwalk to demonstrate what NOT to wear.

Speaking of fashion shows, did you hear about Andy Dick getting arrested this weekend?


What a dick.

You just stole my line.

It's better than stealing Andy Dick's line of cocaine.

Something tells me he wouldn't appreciate that. Hey how about a WTF moment. You got one Spank?

If there's one thing Spank ALWAYS has, it's a WTF moment.


Based on his aim, it looks like he's about to do society a favor.

"If no one plays guitar hero with me, the right one gets it first!"

*laughs* Well, dear friends, that's all the time we have for you today as we have more important things to do ... like tweet. But we would never leave you without something really deep to ponder... like this:

Why aren't safety pins as safe as they say they are?


  1. It is one thing to be Andy Dick.

    It is another thing to be Andy Dick and arrested for sexual assault.

    It is ENTIRELY ANOTHER thing to be Andy Dick and arrested for sexual assault in WEST VIRGINIA.

    I'm sure the pictures in your head are funny (damaging) enough without me elaborating further.


  2. I'm going to have nightmares about the unibrow guitar hero with a gun. *shudders* *not in a good way*

  3. "Based on his aim, it looks like he's about to do society a favor."<<<<ROFL!that guy is in dire need of help.

    And who the hell let Amber Rose out of her cage!? that woman has no class whatsoever. #thatisall

    On Andy Dick..... I don't even know WHAT to say about him.

  4. Thanks. I am now going to have nightmares of that dude on the bed. Where was our eye candy to help wash that horrid image out of our heads??? :)

  5. 50 Firefighters! It was one dog, right? Was it a super dog, like Bolt or Underdog? Glad they saved him but still major resource mismanagement! Kanye's sweetie looks like she pulled up her stockings, got a run and decided to just go with it. I am wondering what the picture of the dude on the bed was taken for-, Guitar Heroes & Villians, Uzi's R'Us? He will give me nightmares. I agree with Dazzledbyhim we need eye candy. I HAD to go stare at Nathan Fillion's butt in your sidebar to erase bed dude's image. HAD too!

  6. I just vomited in my mouth a little. Mostly because I need to know how exactly did you get a picture of someone posing as my ex husband?

  7. I think my son has that same bed as gun dude. I'm throwing it out right NOW.

  8. 50 Firefighters?! To save a dog? They must've been bored watching reruns of American Idol.

    That "outfit" Kanye's woman is wearing is going to make the "Top 5 Most Worst Outfits Of 2010".

    LMFAO at the WTF picture. That dude must've trying to make a name for himself in the country. He must've felt underrated.
    The guitar looks expensive.

  9. thought this might interested you guys...

  10. *shaking head*

    I totally fogot that it's monday. how did i miss this? *sheesh*

    okay. first off; WTF dude needs a haircut. a life. and to pull the damn trigger already and win the darwin award.*rolling eyes* I pray that he hasnt found someone even more desperate than him to procreate with. or maybe he's trying to fish out Kanye...that dude seems to go for white and badly dressed.

    50 FF's for a dog? seems like overkill. and yes thats ME; the doglover talking. freakin dogs can swim. it's called the doggiepaddle for a reason. and if this dog cant...well I hate to say it but Ginger's right. Survival of the fittest. *sigh*

    Oh.....well apparently Andy needs to keep his Dick to himself; eh?

    *waving* sorry I'm late!

    I'll catch the next one in a few hours!!!

  11. Thank you for that most informative article @S. Looks like things will be looking up for Eric in Season 3! *wiggles eyebrows*

    I'm sorry, @Deep did you actually agree with me? In reference to a DOG? *checking outside to see if pigs are flying*

    @Heather, LMAO! (and I'm sorry for your sake)